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An awesome band, who has devoted fans, and will kick the asses of any of these supposed Heavey Metal fans.
Fagit poser bitch: Dude slipknots gay.

Slipknot Fan: Fuck you fag boy i'll slit your mothers throat.

Fagit poser:Oh, shit im so gay lemme go back to sucking my dads wang.
by APG February 02, 2004
Sklipnkot r teh roxors!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneonelolooololololololo, they r teh best ban on earf an if u don like them kis my ass. teh only band that compars are Canible Corse!!!!1111oneoneone
Slipknot Fan: yo dawg, lets go rape things and kill them like they tell us to do in Slipknot and Cannibal Corpse lyrics!!!!!1111111oneoneoneoneone
A band that is no more...
Now there is Murderdolls and Stone Sour
A band responsible for some of the greatest songs ever like Wait and Bleed, Left Behind and Spit it out
by HoppuS(2) September 06, 2003
slipknot fuckn kicks ass
by fuck you August 03, 2003
a band who burns vomit on stage and flips off their fans and calls them maggots and throws things at them at a live concert.

they are also the only band worse than korn. but korns actually tries to play the music which i can respect them for. but slipknot purposefully sucks.
poser 1: dude have u heard slipknots new album?

true metal fan: well, i heard a dying sheep on a farm so i guess i did hear the album already.

poser 1: oh yeah, well i'll bet u listen to bsb and britney spears! *sniff*
by pikamunununu July 14, 2004
grestest band around with metals heaviest drummer n also hottest (joey jordison)
i want to have joeys babis
by gIna March 30, 2005
a shitty nu-metal poser band who copies Mushroomhead's look
Joseph: Have you heard the new Slipknot CD?
Eric: Yeah, it sucks ass
Joseph: Just like Slipknot!
by BEAVIS August 03, 2004