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A gimmicky nu-metal band fomrmed by nine no-talent fucks in Iowa. They have the shitiest costumes(compared to GWAR and mushroomhead). Their masks are supposedly an "extension of their personalities", but i dunno how a mask with bandages has to do with personalities( im sure all of them claim they have pain locked up inside). People who listen to them think they are the hardest mofos in the universe.
Why dont you listen to satyricon or norma jean?
a band that got soft and crappy about the same time they got a record deal. The album before the self titled and that awful IOWA, was Mate Feed Kill Repeat, much better songs, that were inspired by metal and not $$ or whatever the fuck they are today, They sound like that nu-metal garbage. Download the songs somewher or somethig youd be surprised it is slipknot if you even have heard of this cd you know what i am talking about.
As soon as the 2 cd came out they sucked...
Quite possibly, one of the most idiot and downright gay bands ever created. They're image is gay, all zombie-gothic. They're music is the lamest shit I've ever had the disgrace of having touched the sensory organs in my ears; all it ever consists of is screaming and death. They're almost as gay as ICP.
-Dude, Slip Knot is the shit!!

-Fuck you, flaming fag.
by Adam "tr0n" February 05, 2005
one of the greatest fuckin metal bands to exist. anyone who disagrees with me can suck my fuckin cock
u dont like slipknot? what the fuck is your fuckin problem. Come here, ill beat some fuckin sense inta you
by Kilroy Was Here August 14, 2004
Slipknot- a fucking kick ass band.
Bob-I hate slipknot so let my find any way to tell any one, cause i love the cock.
Jim- Why yes you do Bob.
by Kelan March 30, 2004
a band listened to by 12-14 year olds who wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the ass.

play songs consisting of guitars with the gain and distortion cranked all the way up while playing power chords during 99% of the "songs".

a stupid talentless band who should be shot.
slipknot is pure garbage
by Codeman November 19, 2003
It's supposed to be "Slipknot kicks ass", not "Slipknot IS kick ass", shit-stain. Now go home and wank while you worship the almighty slipknot, asshole.
by sMiLeY iS gAy July 03, 2003