Very loud, very fast band. Fastest drummer I've ever heard, and the rest of the band keeps up and in time. Not the most complicated or artisticly impressive music, but fuck it - it's metal... what do you want?

In the rare moments the vocalist sings, his voice is pretty decent. 90% of the time, he belches out words in a rapid-fire growl-scream that makes your throat hurt to listen to. Effective for the lyrics and crowd Slipknot plays to.

If one is to believe that Slipknot's lyrics represent the true feelings of the band, these guys wake up more pissed off and hateful than any remotely sane human should ever be in the worst situation imaginable. Therefore, it is safe to say they are a marketing creation geared toward angst-ridden 15-23 year old white males. On drugs. A lot of drugs. A lot of hard, powerful, brain-raping drugs. (The band - not necessarily the target market.)

Technically impressive, artistically passable, lyrically horrid to the point of amusement.

Fear anyone who belives Slipknot's lyrics were written just for him out of pages from his life. The average disaffected adolescent white boy is destructive enough - if he rallies around Slipknot lyrics, you've got another Timothy McVeigh just waiting to happen.
And guys... what's the deal with the masks?
by The Evil Steve August 19, 2005
one of the best bands every and if u dont like them then fuck u cooters
slipknot kicks ass a hell of a lot of ass
by swine August 29, 2004
A gimmicky nu-metal band fomrmed by nine no-talent fucks in Iowa. They have the shitiest costumes(compared to GWAR and mushroomhead). Their masks are supposedly an "extension of their personalities", but i dunno how a mask with bandages has to do with personalities( im sure all of them claim they have pain locked up inside). People who listen to them think they are the hardest mofos in the universe.
Why dont you listen to satyricon or norma jean?
a bunch of douches with no life, and wear masks because they are kunt fucking queers that cant see each other because their belly size will blind them , and their extremely bad drums and 50 million guitarists, are just gay, if u say their good , ur a fucking gay ass queer douche bag
did u see that one bad that was so gay it made deaf people blind, wuts the name , oh yea slipknot
by ryan April 26, 2004
a band that got soft and crappy about the same time they got a record deal. The album before the self titled and that awful IOWA, was Mate Feed Kill Repeat, much better songs, that were inspired by metal and not $$ or whatever the fuck they are today, They sound like that nu-metal garbage. Download the songs somewher or somethig youd be surprised it is slipknot if you even have heard of this cd you know what i am talking about.
As soon as the 2 cd came out they sucked...
a "band" full of retards in ugly masks, that make "music" that all sounds the samei.e lame and inspires losers from middle school and beyond to buy pants that are 167186374 times too big for them from hottopic and to stop washing their hair. they fall into the same category as other pathetic bands such as ICP, korn, the cotton mouth kings, GWAR....

face it losers, your trend has died.

scenegrl1: omigosh...underoath is gonna do a show this weekend!

scenegrl2: really???! we are sooo gonna go!

scenegrl1: oh no wait... they are playing at mayham fest or whatever...

scenegirl2: ew! you mean that lameass show with like, slipknot and stuff?

scenegrl1:im not going there anymore, we'll see underoath the next time they play warped tour.

scenegrl2: yeah i'd rather not get crushed by any fat, dirty, sweaty metal posers anyways...
by katrinakero$cene August 11, 2008
Quite possibly, one of the most idiot and downright gay bands ever created. They're image is gay, all zombie-gothic. They're music is the lamest shit I've ever had the disgrace of having touched the sensory organs in my ears; all it ever consists of is screaming and death. They're almost as gay as ICP.
-Dude, Slip Knot is the shit!!

-Fuck you, flaming fag.
by Adam "tr0n" February 05, 2005

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