A heavy metal band that will kick you in the fucking nuts so watch your fucking mouths you fucking cock sucking prissy wigger fuck sticks.

Futher more, Slipknot is a band that isn't trying to win grammys or someother pointless award that says some asshole in a suit thinks your great.

See Maggot Hater
SlipKnot will eat all you little preppy wigger fuck, cannibal sandwich anyone?

See: WiggerPreppy Blissfully Unaware Socialy Blind The Kids We Beat Up Flat Out Dont Know What The Fuck Your Talking About
by Armageddon May 30, 2004
ok listen mother fuckers if you dont like slipknot that's cool but keep your goddamn mouth shut no one wants you to hear you bag on them so go and listen to your britney spears tapes if you dont understand
Goth Kid: dude you need harder and better music these guys suck you little pussy
Maggot (Slipknot fan): listen i would rather be a pussy then a faggy little goth kid who keeps saying "my life sucks i wanna die cuz one bad thing happened in my life oh and i hate god!" faggot piece of shit on the ground
by whothennow May 24, 2004
A popular black/nu-metal band. They are death metal's equivalent to Industrial's Nine Inch Nails, which means that Slipknot is what happens when you tone down black metal and mainstream it.
"Well, for christmas, my friend got me a Slipknot CD instead of the Emporer CD I asked for."

"You've just learned never to tell your friends you listen to Black Metal."
by Isaac February 03, 2004
1. A band of occasional interest (e.g wait and bleed)
2. Cry of Neds on seeing anyone who is not of their Ranks.
Ned-Hey Slipknot why don't you go off and slit your wrists
by Trotsky&co January 18, 2004
Only the best band in the world, this coming from the music maestro. I listen to all genres of music: classical, hard rock, any type of metal, rap, punk, you name it most likely I listen to it. I basically like Slipknot for the lyrics, and because it has a pretty good sound to it. All of you people who think that I am just a poser, can kiss my little, white, loner goth ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1: Hey what do you think about the band Slipknot?
Guy 2: It's only the best Muther Fuckin band in all of eternity!!!!
by Dark_Death April 16, 2007
Slipknot is an heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa. With nine band members, Slipknot has toured all over the world and has 3 major albums. Slipknot is most known for their masks and jumpsuits that they wear onstage and in their music videos. Some of their major songs are Duality, Wait and Bleed, and Before I Forget. Slipknot loves all their fans and affectionately call them maggots. They even did a video shoot for Duality with over 400 fans from the midwest. One kid even came to Iowa all the way from England to be in the video. We were there for 13 hours in rain and 40 degree weather wearing t-shirts. Slipknot is loved by many many people.
Slipknot is the best heavy metal band in the whole world.
by Amy S November 14, 2005
Very loud, very fast band. Fastest drummer I've ever heard, and the rest of the band keeps up and in time. Not the most complicated or artisticly impressive music, but fuck it - it's metal... what do you want?

In the rare moments the vocalist sings, his voice is pretty decent. 90% of the time, he belches out words in a rapid-fire growl-scream that makes your throat hurt to listen to. Effective for the lyrics and crowd Slipknot plays to.

If one is to believe that Slipknot's lyrics represent the true feelings of the band, these guys wake up more pissed off and hateful than any remotely sane human should ever be in the worst situation imaginable. Therefore, it is safe to say they are a marketing creation geared toward angst-ridden 15-23 year old white males. On drugs. A lot of drugs. A lot of hard, powerful, brain-raping drugs. (The band - not necessarily the target market.)

Technically impressive, artistically passable, lyrically horrid to the point of amusement.

Fear anyone who belives Slipknot's lyrics were written just for him out of pages from his life. The average disaffected adolescent white boy is destructive enough - if he rallies around Slipknot lyrics, you've got another Timothy McVeigh just waiting to happen.
And guys... what's the deal with the masks?
by The Evil Steve August 19, 2005

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