Gimmick pop band with no talent that capitalizes off of conformist teens that enjoy crappy music.
Goth-wannabees listen to Slipknot.
by Your Mother July 20, 2003
A worthless Numetal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Owned by Roadrunner records, a local branch of Universal. Essentially meaningless, repetetive, commercially produced noise, with 9 fat guys who wear masks and boiler suits as a sales gimmick, and have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. They don't even own their own music - Universal does. If Universal wanted to sue somebody for downloading a Slipknot song, there is absolutely nothing the band can do about it. I don't even understand why everyone wants to fellate Joey Jordison so much. So what, he's fast. I can beat on two barrels with impressive speed, trust me. He just can't hold a rythm worth a damn. Try listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, or SOMEBODY with some damn talent, you tools.
Me: Slipknot sucks.
Typical maggot: wtf!!! slipknto will slit ur fuckin throat u fag
Me: Manowar will fuck you up the ass, prison bitch.
Typical maggot:(Sounds of grunting and skin slapping) ohhhh god nooooo!
by Delthryn February 25, 2005
kickass metal-thrash band. with such songs as Duality, People=Shit, and Wait and Bleed. Originated in Iowa.
me- "Slipknot is quite possibly the best thing to come outta Iowa"
my friend- "where the hell is your slipknot cd?"
by eliz April 25, 2005
fucking ace 9 man band from Des Moines ,Iowa. there lyrics are fuckin ace and all you haters who slag tehm off probably never even take the time to listen to one of there songs and think about the lyrics, and all you who keep complaining about them just screaming, have you even heard the new album?! theres acoustic songs there and corey has an ace voice. joey jordison is one of if not THE best drummer in the world. Jim and Mick (the guitarists for all you fucktards) are good, clever guitarists. theres a difference between being an ace guitarist and a clver one. who cares if the riffs are simple? it means that you dont ahve to be an absolute fuckin genious to play there songs. just becasue alot of slipknto fans are shitty fag mini moshers who think they are cool because there being "different" doesnt mean the band suck. anyways just wanted to give my opinion if you dont like it fuck you and go listen to whatever music you do like. oh and by the way, sorry for any spelling mistakes i know how uptight you people are about good old enlgish language lol
fag boy: slipknot suck jus because ther more mainstream
Slipknot fan: fuck you go listen to some of your shitty busted then come back and tell me who's mainstream
by Nig December 17, 2004
Slipknot is the best fucking band ever and anyone who says otherwise is an ugly fag who listens to some weird shit they decided to call music. Any one who hates slipknot can go suck their grandmas saggy balls.
I went to this slipknot concert and it was sic.
by Kelsie November 16, 2004
the greatest fucking band ever and whoever thinks they know slipknot is seriously fucking wrong...u people dont kno what theyre about so fuck every last one of you
joey jordison is god
by vermillion May 31, 2004
The best live band ever and fuck all of you who think other wise
people that dont like slipknot like it up the ass
by aaron May 18, 2004

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