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If you think slipknot is cool, why the hell did you say its "shite, shite, and oh yeah shite"?
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
7 17
Most people dont know what type of music slipknot play. dumbass people who do not no what the fuck there on about say "Slipknot is an angsty mallcore band who are a favorite of teenage girls" and then continue on to say "the band members can be found engaging in homosexual acts" if they are fond of teenage girls how can they be homosexuals it doesnt make sence and some of them are married aswell, and even shawn quotes "Here's a warning, hurt a woman or girl of any age around Sid he will smash you so bad you're gonna hope you never set your eyes on her again."
"their extremely bad drums are just gay" Joey Jordison is one of the best drummers in metal history, so whoever say joey is shit and cant play drums then i would love to see them play even 1.1 times better than him.
And people say that they copied mushroomhead by wearing masks yet mushroomhead wear face paints.
Slipknot wear masks so people dont just focus on them entirely but for the music mostly
by Rambo MotherFucker August 22, 2006
27 38
It is a describing word for someone who loves looks like they love the band tool, Is really skinny and wears
the pants with the crazy wide legs. They usually would smoke Newport 100's, and have hickies all over their neck. Chain wallets and super fat girlfriends that give you dirty looks, and they both would have really bad tattoos.
"dude, check out the slip knot coming our way". or
"I like Bobby, but he always hangs out with that slip knot kid" or
" you smoke cigarettes? That's so slip knot"
by Kmoney 801 July 09, 2006
23 34
slipknot is the most hardcore, metalcore, rapcore, emocore, cordy core core band on this here planet. they sing songs about killing the neighboors and other neato little aspects of teenage angst. they also wear crazy masks not reccomended for children under 3.
i borrowed this kids headphones on a fishing trip and slipknot was playing a song about killin the neighbors.
by slipknotfantillim83 May 20, 2006
7 18
Simply the best metal band ever!!!!!
I said to my friends that I liked slipknot and I was laughed upon by them for like metal in the first place but of all metal slipknot. My friends are all a lot more intelligent than I am and listen to intelligent music like Experimental Darkambient, Trance Music and Noise. I'm a total moron but at least I like superficial simple metal like slipknot which is the best.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde December 30, 2005
33 44
1. A type of knot used for fastening rope to poles with the ability to tighten and loosen with a slight tug

2. Some crappy nu metal band that goths worship. Cover everything with pentagrams and wear masks because they're too 'hardcore' to show their faces. Part of the nu metal era. See also shitty nu metal bands such as Korn and Linkin Park
1. I tied the tent to the stake with a traditional slip knot.

2. Goth: 'SLIPKNOT RULEZ!!!'
Me: 'Kid, either hang yourself by your bondage pants or listen music worth listening to, like the Locust or Daughters'
by Andrew February 13, 2005
31 42
A strong sounding, strong meaning band. Best drummer in the world, amazing guitarists, and nine members whom all do an amazing, and important job in this masterpiece I call a band.

With amazing abilities in both screaming and singing, their lead vocalist rocks his listeners to the core with meaningful, and seldom ventured lyrics.

A drummer who could beat anyone in a competition (Yes folks, even Blinks Travis... are you kidding me?) Joey is one truly amazing percussionist.

The other seven members of this masterpiece are just as talented, and deserve all the credit in the world for being an integral part to an amazing band.

What is Slipknot? Simply the best band since Black Sabbath, since Slayer.
Slipknot is Slipknot... there's nothing else to it.
by Christie August 13, 2004
22 33