A very good Nu-Metal band with 9 guys who go crazy at live shows. They are from Iowa, and have 4 CDs out. They where featured in Ozzfest this year, and the will kill Fread Durst, the bitch from Limp Shit.
Look, Slipknot is kicking Fread's ass.
by (SIC)Drummer November 07, 2004
Cleverly marketed nu-metal band, targetting angsty teenage boys to appeal to the largest possible market. Considered a "gateway band" to some, as they lead the children towards harder music.
"fuck you, wah wah wah, my daddy drinks because I cry"
by smrtiepatns May 04, 2004
I've been reading a lot of entries, and I'm noticing how similar they are. Either "OMFG SLIPKNOT ROOLZ" or "Slipknot fans are all greasy, fat, and have no sense of music and have OBVIOUSLY not listened to oldschool shit." Now, this is not going to be one of those definitions.

I like Slipknot. I like Slipknot, System of a Down, but yet I like Metallica, Children of Bodom, and what many of you "metalheads" would call "Real metal." Isn't metal just all about the same "fuck you" attitude? Who doesn't love a bad boy/girl?

I'm not your typical "Slipknot" fan, even though they are one of my favorites. I'm not greasy, I shower every day or every second day, thank you very much. I never even heard of hot topic until my boyfriend (who loves Slipknot as well) told me what it was. Never been inside a Hot Topic, either.

I like hippy music, death metal, "real" metal, "nu" metal, oldies, etc. I like anything. I was a jazz player for a short amount of time.

A lot of you bash Joey Jordison, as well. Let's see you do better. Let's see you take some drum sticks and pound out one of his riffs. Can you do it? No, thought not. I'm a drummer. I know how hard it is to go THAT fast. And it's REALLY hard. He's pretty good, and he stands for a lot of cool things, if you actually TOOK the time to research your shit before you talk.

I'm not a typical "maggot" I've heard of the old stuff, I know what M.F.K.R means (MATE, FEED, KILL, REPEAT), bitches. My hair is not 2 feet long, I've got a pixie cut. I'm into all the oldies and the new stuff, because I actually HAVE a wide musical taste. I'm an art student who is actually quiet and doesn't yell about Slipknot and Nu Metal every second minute, though I do enjoy my band shirts.

Don't be so quick to label Slipknot fans. Or Nu Metal fans, for that matter. Because odds are some will receed from the majority. Just don't label, period.

"you're just a braindead maggot. Have you heard of Metallica, Children of Bodom, Slayer, etc?"

"Yes. And I enjoy all of them, INCLUDING Slipknot"


"Think before you label, bitches."
by NOTTHEMAJORITY November 23, 2007
A pretty decent nu-metal band from Iowa, consisting of 9 members. Famous for the masks they wear and their status among other nu-metal bands. Their new album (Subliminal Verses) is also pretty good. Still, they're not the greatest metal band - or even nu-metal band - but they can definately crank out some tunes, and they're all around good guys who deserve some respect.
"Liberate" and "Duality" are examples of Slipknot's music.
by travor October 17, 2004
A decent band from iowa. You either love them or hate them.
Most people class there as Nu-Metal but id class it as a mix between Nu metal, Rap metal and industrial metal
SLipknot...not the best band in the world but much better than some of the shit around today...liek Linkin Park for example
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
Arguably the most mallcore pseudo-metal (not nu, children, because that implies mainstream metal, whereas Slipknot is rock) band on the planet. Essentially talentless, this Iowa-based hard rock band incorporates a NEW N XTREME(!!1) approach to music by consisting of an unconventional 9 members, attempting to cover up their all-around mediocrity. The instrumentals are typically poorly done but blended well with all the rest, the drumming being as weak as the lyrics, and Corey (the vocalist) can often be heard panting in between shouts due to his dismal lack of physical fitness. On the topic of genres, Slipknot is often incorrectly labeled a metal band because their instrumentals and vocals do not resemble that of Tom Petty, and their mask gimmick was stolen from GWAR, a joke metal band that really isn't that bad. Synonymous with "poser", "mallgoth", "faggotry" and a number of other unsavory words that are more or less implied.
Chris to friend: Yeah, I just pre-ordered a copy of Aes Dana - Formors from Oaken Shield.
Friend: The shipping on that's a bitch. Goddamned intercontinental...
Chris: *Nods head* It's worth it though. They're a fucking amazing black metal ba--
by Chris Zewe September 06, 2005
A band that recieves a lot of hate from most self-proclaimed metalheads for some unknown reason. Because they're too commercial? Because they have no talent? Because they got a LOT of band members?? Because they wear MASKS??

Well, I will go ahead and reply to these:

1. Too commercial
Well, let me ask you something. When has anyone really played a Slipknot song on TV, the radio, or anything else?? Slipknot did not rely on mainstream help to get popular. They simply became loved by their fans and with their help, they became this famous. And what's wrong with a band being popular? Why exactly does being popular mean that a band sucks? Your "Metallica" and "Slayer" are no less famous than Slipknot, and no less commercial either, for that matter. But they're still kickass bands. So, who cares??

2. No talent
This is the most bullshit thing anyone can say about Slipknot. Go ahead and actually LISTEN to their songs for once, idiots. While it may not sound like it at first, there IS a lot of technical proficiency involved in playing those riffs. And, you say they got no guitar solos? I can name three:
1. Vermillion
2. Welcome
3. Pulse of the Maggots
Go ahead. Listen to them. Guitar solos right in your face. If that's not talent, then I don't know what is.

3. Lots of band members
Yes, I DO agree that some of them are quite useless, but they still help to make the music the way it sounds, even if it's a simple drum crash by Clown. They also help add to the band's image. And to those of you who say image is just a sellout device to get more money, then let me ask you - what bands besides grunge bands have ever not given a damn about image? Even Iron Maiden had quite an image to go with their music, and they're one of the greatest metal bands around. Who cares about how many members a band has, or what they look like? If they rock hard and please the fans, isn't that all that matters?

4. Masks
Most of the band members have shown themselves without the masks by now. So therefore, you can't say it's to "hide their ugliness" or "hide in embarrassment because they know they suck", which they don't anyway. Lead singer Corey Taylor and guitarist James Root also play in a second band called Stone Sour, and they don't wear masks there. Once again, the masks in Slipknot just add to the image. It shouldn't matter any more than the music.

In conclusion, Slipknot is an amazing, talented band that deserves more respect from metalheads everywhere. Just because they're a "new" band doesn't mean they suck. Take the time to listen to them, and you'll see what I mean.
Idiot: Pff Slipknot is such a fake nu-metal band! They've got no talent and hide their ugliness with stupid goth-wannabe masks!

Non-idiot: You're completely wrong. First of all, Slipknot has lots of talent, and if you listen to their new album, you'll actually understand (or maybe not >_> ). And second of all, they've all shown their faces already. They're not hiding anything.

Idiot: .. but.. 80s metal is the only good music around!

Non-idiot: It IS good, but it's not the ONLY good music. Go and expand your horizon, you moron.
by SomeBadJoke December 17, 2006
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