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Until one of you losers can describe the differences between Black Metal, Death Metal, Industial, and Nu Metal, I'm just going to call them metal. Why you're so concerned with the categorization of Slipknot's music is beyond me.
Things Slipknot is not: Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, Pop... what's left if not metal?
by gold July 07, 2004
Sorry ass band pretending to be metal while they shoul all fall to their knees and do some serious fellatio on real metal bands like Slayer , Sepultura or Pantera.
The band has like 9 members, half of them are drumers and the other half pretend to play guitar, bass or sing... notice that use the word "pretend" because the noise that comes out is annoying.
"Dude, Pete Sandoval from Morbid Angel can kick Slipknot's 4+ drumers combined"
by JK1112 December 22, 2003
A black hole of talent.
Slipknot are teh suck.
by jesus w. bush November 24, 2004
Dose it matter what there lyrics are nobody understands what the fuck there on about.
Slipknow- Smer bla der fuck be bo monage balg...
Bloke1- Was there somat about a cat in there?
Bloke2- Fucked if i know, there crap why are we listing to them?
by Grigori April 09, 2004
A shitty nu-metal band that slipped on a knot of fame and pop-culture and fell into the dumpster of mediocrity.
I can't believe the noise that Slipknot makes can be classified as music!
by rock fan May 21, 2003
a band with 9 members making loud noises and callin it metal.
and it doesnt suck, nope!
you're just gonna like it if you're pretty new to metal and dont know shit about playin an electric guitar or even an instrument
1 : hey i just bought the new slipknot cd!

2 : oh cool! , so when's your 13th birthday party again?
by esi88 January 07, 2010
i had a dream of this it is a ritual performed to release a knot in any part of your body mostly something spiritual releasing the energy blockage or knot that is disrupting the natural movements of your body/mind and soul
slipknot slipping a knot in yourself purifying yourself of all knots
by Ancientsorrows March 31, 2009
9 man band (Corey Taylor, Mick Thompson, Craig Jones, Chris Fehn, Shawn Crahan, Joey Jordison, Sid Wilson, Paul Grey and James Root.) from Iowa best fuckin band in the world best songs duality, pulse of the maggots, spit it out, before i forget and many more 5 albums
mate, eat, kill, repeat-quite shit (only a five man band back then)
self title- fuckin amazing
Iowa-also amazing
vol. 3 subliminal verses- best album
9.0 live -live album sooo good live

amazing metal bands also- disturbed, korn,cradle of filth, ill nino,

To all the maggots out their stay (sic) fuckers and remmember "You cannot kill what you did not create"
To all you fuckers who hate slipknot suck my balls dick shit fuckers
To all the maggots out there say it again say it agan we wont die- Slipknot for life
by Tal12321 July 11, 2006