Until one of you losers can describe the differences between Black Metal, Death Metal, Industial, and Nu Metal, I'm just going to call them metal. Why you're so concerned with the categorization of Slipknot's music is beyond me.
Things Slipknot is not: Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, Pop... what's left if not metal?
by gold July 07, 2004
1) A type of knot designed to skip once tied. Common uses for this are;
to increase pressure on the arm revealing veins (often for injections of not-always-legal substances or IVs)
Nooses, for hanging a person by the neck
Provoking suffocation

Negative associations with this type of knot lead to;

2) A metal band with noticeably aggressive, provocative, depressing yet ironically reflective (and practically inaudiable) lyrics. The band, SlipKnot, have caused contraversy because some of there lyrics promote self harm.
The band itself has an overwhelming number of members, and even more fans.
Each use of an intrument played in a track, although talently played, can be described as distorted, aggressive and often chordless...
"Looks like a suicide -- it's a slipknot noose"
"Pass me a slipknot, I need to shoot up"
"Has anyone got the new SlipKnot album?"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
SlipKnoT is a Nu-metal band. It consists of nine members. They have talent, despite what people may tell you. SlipKnoT is a very polarizing band because of number of members/what the do on stage/ect. ect. You either hate them for the most part, or you really like them. there fans are called MaGGoTs many people try to make the MaGGoTs feel bad because they call themselves MaGGoTs, but to all of them please note: We don't give a shit. Being a MaGGoT is a badge of honor to us. Also recently SlipKnoT has put out alot of pop songs i.e. dead memories and snuff to name two. Alot of emo pussy faggots like these song because they think it's cool. to said emo pussy faggots I would like to say go fuck yourself these songs arn't for you Cory taylor (lead vocals for SlipKnoT) has even stated himself how male emos are just suicidal teens who are confused about there sexuality and wear there sisters/gf pants (I'm paraphrasing). You emo assholes give us REAL MaGGoTs bad names. Oh and side note: All you fucktards who say SlipKnoT isn't real metal and that MaGGoTs don't know what real metal is please try to understand that you are retarted as I am living proof of your observation fail. I enjoy listening to bands such as Gojira, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, meshuggah, Behemoth, white chapel, children of bodom, burzum, ect.ect. And about how SlipKnoT isn't real metal. THE GENRE THEY ARE IN IS CALLED NU-METAL DUMB ASS. Metal is in the God damn Title of the genre.
MaGGoT: Hey do you like SlipKnoT?

Emo pussy faggot: Yeah.

MaGGoT: Oh really what's your favorite song?

emo pussy faggot: Dead memories because it totally gets me.

MaGGoT: Get the fuck out of here you sad sack of shit you give us real MaGGoTs bad names.

Emo pussy faggot: -cries and slits there wrist-

MaGGoT: Fucking poser

Metal head (not maggot): Your a poser too you like SlipKnoT.

MaGGoT: Why because there Nu-metal?

Metal head (not maggot): Yeah Nu-metal is a metal genre fail.

MaGGoT: Your a fucking dumb ass just because you don't like it dosn't mean it's wrong. It means you have a different taste in music and, are probobly a judgmental, bigoted, dumb shit who dosn't like it because your daddy told you anything you don't like is bad when he was fucking you up the ass when you were little.

Metal head (not MaGGoT): -thinks- Hmm... you may be right.

MaGGoT: Well now that we kind of see eye to eye, help me get rid of the dead emo kid before somebody finds the body.
by The Real MaGGoT May 05, 2010
1) Slip knot: A type of knot, the most common attach a line to an object, and tighten when tension is applied to the free end of the line. Also used for hanging the condemned in the middle ages.
2) Slipknot: A mediocre, nine-piece nu-metal band that has,thankfully, faded from the public spotlight. It's fairly common for pimply, angst-ridden, 'misunderstood' adolescents to be big fans.
Melodramatic teen: Like my face, my soul is (acne) scarred. I listen to slipknot to drown out the constant burden of everyday teenage life, and to find a common thread with my misery. No one understands the depth of my tortured soul. I'll give them a glance into my misery by hanging myself with a rope tied with a slipknot.
by jeffy dahmer March 06, 2007
A 9-piece metal band from Iowa, famous for wearing masks and for their chaotic live performances. They call their fans 'maggots' and have recently (May 2004) released their 3rd album, which is seen as their best yet.
"'Vol.3...' is, quite simply, a masterpiece - and a massive raised middle digit to all the stumbling nu-metal no-marks that rode in on the band's coattails."
by Max the Metalhead June 12, 2004
A band that is apparently "Nu-metal"
I myself do not particularly care for them. I mean, you know, if you do that's totally fine. Everybody has an opinion. I just like having melody in my music, you know? I also like singers who actually sing instead of grunt. And guitar and bass riffs that haven't been unnecessarily distorted. I mean distortion is cool to a point. But when it's all you do with your riffs, it's just like: "why would you need to do that?"
You know? And i understand that they never asked to be very successful. I get that. I just don't see why they are so successful is all. But like I said, if you like them, that's fine. Be yourself. Maybe you can recommend some of their better songs to anybody who says they suck. I'm sure I've overlooked some of their better stuff. I apologize for any anger my possible ignorance has caused.
Guy 1:I love Slipknot!!!

Guy 2: That's fine. I think they could be a lot better, myself. I mean they have talent, sure, I just don't think that it's being put to good use. But then again, I suppose there are lots of different kinds of music out there, each with it's own fanbase.

Guy 1:Yeah, I suppose I see where you're coming from. I just like fast-paced, loud, kind of "darkish" sounding music.

Guy 2: And there's nothing wrong with that. We all have our own tastes.

Guy 1: Well, thank you for being so open minded.

Guy 2: No problem.

Guy 1:...

Guy 2:...

Guy 1:...

Guy 2:...rap sucks.

Guy 1: Oh, god yes, I hate rap.
by theonewholikesbacon July 26, 2008
a band that takes 9 people to make the same sound a retard in a kitchen could make
Maggot/Faggot : dood i luv slipknot dere so brootal!
by Smoke99blunts February 23, 2008
It's incredibly great that a lot of definitions about this band include the words "suck" "shit" "worthless" etc... i bet if one of you read a bad definition about Jay-Z or AFI, you'd probably go cut your wrists and cry to your mommy.
Anyway... Slipknot's a 9-man band from Des Moines, Iowa. While the general idea is that Slipknot is nu-metal/rapcore/metal/etc...and while it's true they are those things, they are also something else. They're a band that has come a long way from their roots (if any of you listened to Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. you'll know what i mean...) and has become an extremely talented band. I'm not sure what happened to the original singer, but the current singer, Corey Taylor, was recruited to sing for the band after the original vocalist departed from the band, or got kicked out, or something. In any case, I don't particularly give a shit what you boyband-lovers have to say about them...Corey has an amazing set of vocal cords, being able to go from the hard, face-ripping, mother-sodomizing growls of "The Heretic Anthem" heard on Iowa to the melodic, soul-wrenching singing of "Snuff" from their new cd, All Hope Is Gone. James and Mick play guitar like they'll die if they stop, and Joey is one of the best drummers i personally have ever heard.

Yes, Corey does use a lot of profanity. Profanity's a good way to express frustration, anger, hopelessness, and other emotions...which is the general theme running through their songs. Slipknot is excellent to listen to when you're pissed, upset, or just feel like rocking your fucking brains out.

No, they did NOT "steal" their ideas for the masks from GWAR or Mushroomhead or anyonethefuckelse. Corey himself described it as a way for the band to disassociate themselves from who they are outside of the band and to get more invovled in the music. Stating that Slipknot stole the idea for masks from another band is like if someone called you out because you happened to pick up the same fucking pair of shoes from Wal Mart as they have...so get the fuck over yourselves. There was a lot of shit over how the members appear outside of the band without masks...well...the fuck do you want? The masks are a part of Slipknot, not Stone Sour when Corey's singing with them, or Korn since Joey's been drumming for them occasionally.

While Slipknot is a very talented band, anyone stating that they are "the best" probably needs a foot in their ass. No one band can be the best at any genre, because all people have different tastes, and while I personally love every cd they've put out since their self-titled, you may only like Iowa, or think Murderdolls is better, or just not like Slipknot. That's fine. But you dont aquire millions of fans and go platinum by being a piece of shit, and there's figures floating around the net to prove that Slipknot doesn't suck. They're decent. You dont have to like them, but at least respect them. Music is just a way to tell a story, explain a lesson, relate feelings... it's not the way the story is told, but the story itself.

As for the rest of you Slipknot fans...STAY (sic) MUTHAFUCKASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Listen to Slipknot's 9.0 Live cd...i swear to all that is good and kind your blood will be pumping and you'll want to headbang and jump the fuck around like you just lost your mind.
by ihax0rdyourhymen August 23, 2008

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