Until one of you losers can describe the differences between Black Metal, Death Metal, Industial, and Nu Metal, I'm just going to call them metal. Why you're so concerned with the categorization of Slipknot's music is beyond me.
Things Slipknot is not: Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Techno, Pop... what's left if not metal?
by gold July 07, 2004
slipknot is a good band that cant be described as "nu metal", "rapcore", "metal" or even "death metal" and everyone who dislikes slipknot are fags because they dont know what the band's members have gone through, also, slipknot didnt rip-off mushroomhead. kids listen to slipknot because they can relate to all the deep and violent shit they have gone through
its heard to stay between the lines of skin
just cuz i have nerves dont mean that i can feel
i wasnt very much fun to be with anyway
just let the blood run red cuz i cant feel
by the forgotten one April 16, 2004
One of the heaviest bands to ever come out. This guy above me probally dates his mom
Dude, Slip Knot kicked ass at WLRS Fest!
by I hate you2 July 07, 2003
Its funny how Slipknot haters tell us to get a life when their the ones that are insecure about their own music that they have to come over here and tell us what we don't want to hear. Everyone has opinions, keep them to yourself. Your not proving anything by saying "get a life loser", ESPECIALLY when you say it over the internet.. its people like you we hate.. but anywho thier 9 (sic) fuckers from des moines iowa. they are a kickass band.
#0. Sid Wilson - Turntables
#1. Joey Jordison - Drums
#2. Paul Gray - Bass
#3. Chris Fehn - Percussion
#4. James Root - Guitar
#5. Craig Jones - Media/samples
#6. Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Percussion
#7. Mick Thompson - Guitar
#8. Corey Taylor - Song
Their albums:
Mate Feed Kill Repeat - 1996
Selt-titled - 1999
Iowa - 2001
Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) - 2004
Planning another album right now.

saw Slipknot last night. They're really great. Especially their concerts. Stay (SiC) fuckers
by slipknot fan March 29, 2008
THE heaviest band around now the faces of heavy metal music
The guy 2 up from me likes dicks
by Cozza August 07, 2003
Occasionally referred to as 'Slopkunt', a group of mask-wearing idiots who are too scared to reveal their real identities for fear of getting speared by us for producing such shit music.
by DeaD PersoN August 01, 2003
1. A type of knot

1. The girl went to a knot class to learn how to make a slipknot.

2. Slipknot has the coolest masks!
by XEsay August 31, 2008
A band consisting of nine members. They are famous for their strange way of singing (growling) and strang masks and jumpsuits. Now forget all this shit about what type of metal they are (they're thrash metal anyway) and all this shit that people who don't know anything about the music industry say about them being comercial, lets just look at the music. To be fair they are extremely bad songwriters, their songs are so badly written with the most awful lyrics ive ever heard. Whats worse is that you cant even tell how bad they are because they put so much distortion on the guitars and so much growling on the mic that it just ends up with a load of noise.
Their drummer is good though, but theirs millions apon millions of better drummers.
However its understandable that their music is so redicoulosely hardcore it would apeal to angry teenagers who have no social life and take their anger out in the mosh pit, so that music would be quite suitibal for that.
There are two types of people who listen to slipknot, 1.crazy people who have a lot of fun and just want to get in there in the mosh pit.
2. People who claim that they produce good music who are the biggest loosers ever seen ever! All though they might say that because their ears have been damaged by the loud noise.
Looser: oh yes slipknot are a very talented band who use extremely clever meledolic structures and amazing lyrics like FUCK U FUCK SHIT FUCK which are so meaning full.
Coolperson: Shut the fuck up you faggot slipknot are the worst songwriters ever and its people like you giving them an even worse name!
Looser: Ohhh Noo youve made me cry :'(
by Doctor_destruction May 26, 2005

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