Slipknot is 9 piece band from Des Moines, Iowa. "True " or "kvlt" metalheads will call Slipknot 'false metal/emo/goth/etc'. I just call them a metal band. Before anyone starts calling me a 'poseur', at least hear me out. You either love them or hate but don't call them shit if you've never listened to them. At least respect Slipknot. To "true" metalheads: Yes i know Slayer, old Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, etc.(you get the idea) are awesome and Slipknot can't compare to them,it doesn't give you the right to call them shit and call others poseurs only because they listen to Slipknot without knowing what other bands they listen to. Yes i know there are a lot of 13 yr olds that listen to Slipknot and say their the heaviest band in the world. I've heard more Pantera and Lamb of Godon the radio than i've heard Slipknot. I only hear Slipknot when a person calls in and requests it. Slipknot didn't steal the mask idea from Mushroomhead. Mushroomhead paints their faces. Slipknot wears masks. How people came up with this idea is beyond me. To all the poseurs out there: Slipknot an awesome band, but you guys are making us look like idiots. Slipknot is not black metal, death metal, or thrash/speed metal. Slipknot is not the heaviest band in the world, so get a fucking life!. To all maggots and metalheads(i.e. not poseurs who only like them cause it pisses your fucking parents off): We should all be out there after the the members of Limp Dickshit, i mean Limp Bizkit, so we can kill them for making shit that some idiot decided to call 'music'(i'm using the term 'music' loosly). Especially that retarded asswipe Fred Durst.

Get a life and try a different genre of metal. You never know, you might actually like it.
MMFCL and stay (SIC) fuckers.
*posur*Lik whatcha you listnin' to?
*me* Slipknot, Slayer, Child-*gets cut-off*
*me**kicks poseur in face a couple times* Go listen to some Deicide or Dying Fetus then come back and see if you can still say that.*walks off*

*stereotypical metalhead*what're you listening to?
*me*Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, ICP, Slipknot,-
*stereotypical metalhead**completely ignores the other bands I said*SLIPKNOT SUCKS!! THEY'RE SHITTY FASLE METAL!!!YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER POSEUR!!!
*me*Don't spew diarrhea of the mouth without ever listening to the band.*puts Gemetria (the Killing Name) on*
*stereotypical metalhead*Hey that's not too bad. Who is that?
*stereotypical metalhead*Really? They're not as bad as I thought. Still not my style though.
*me*Told you.
by Sqeek the college juggalette July 24, 2009
Top Definition
90% of the people posting on this site are fucking stupid. Half of you are narrow minded haters who don't see the band for who they are and the other half are just pussy little fanboys who think Slipknot is the ONLY metal band in existance. The rest are normal people who love music altogether and respect all forms of metal wether it be death, black, nu or heavy.

I've got news for the 90% of the fools in here. To the haters: You're no different from rappers and RnBers (whatever the fuck theyre called) who bash Slipknot for their music. You're basically posers. Just because you listen to bands that aren't 'mainstream' doesn't mean they're the best bands on the fucking planet. It was never Slipknot's intention to become famous and/or rich. People enjoyed their music and assisted them in their progress. Corey Taylor (vocalist) stated in an interview 'You don't sell out concerts, meet millions of fans and go platinum if your music sucks. Period." Therefore SLIPKNOT DOES NOT SUCK! And you can't say they are mainstream...think of it this often do you hear a Slipknot song played on the radio? How often do you see a Slipknot clip being played on the Top 40 charts? Well? What's your answer haters? Go fuck yourself and your underground bullshit. Just because a band is famous doesn't mean they are shit. Imagine your precious underground bands become as famous as Slipknot..will you still like them? From your rants I'm guessing NO.

For the fanboys: Its good that you like Slipknot but for God's sake...don't EVER say they're 'real' metal or 'Slipknot is real metal. Every other band in existance is shit". Open your ears and listen to the metal of the fucking world. You have to understand that Slipknot was influenced by bands such as KISS, Metallica, Black Sabbath and yes...even KORN!!! Joey wouldn't even be drumming right now if it wasn't for Korn's influence so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ENJOY ALL METAL!!! It's the message in the songs fuckers. If you can relate to the lyrics and the intensity of the music then you have nothing to bitch about.

To the rest of people like me who are normal and love all metal and Slipknot...stay (SIC) fuckers. (Thats a compliment btw)
Slipknot are fucking amazing. I respect them for their intensity, intimacy with the fans and love for music. No one has the right to say they are crap for they really are a band to admire and respect for their achievements.
by El Raro January 26, 2005
Device used to secure arm, leg or neck when shooting dope. Such as a belt, cloth or cord of some type.
I'm tying on a slipknot, cuz my ropes are brokedown & I need a fix.
by Ms. MJKeenan August 11, 2003
Slipknot comes from Des Moines, Iowa. It's a metal band with 9 members, known for wearing jump suits and different masks.
They really don't belong in any particular genre, just metal. It's not Black or Death Metal. It CAN be Nu-metal, cuz that simply means new metal and Slipknot is new metal, so...But it's best to just call it metal.
The members:
#0. Sid Wilson - Turntables
#1. Joey Jordison - Drums
#2. Paul Gray - Bass
#3. Chris Fehn - Percussion
#4. James Root - Guitar
#5. Craig Jones - Media/samples
#6. Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Percussion
#7. Mick Thompson - Guitar
#8. Corey Taylor - Song
Their albums:
Mate Feed Kill Repeat - 1996
Selt-titled - 1999
Iowa - 2001
Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) - 2004
Planning another album right now.

If you think they suck, sure, that's your opnion, but they ARE talented.
You can at least be neutral with your definitions, and try to describe the band instead of telling everyone how much they suck, bla bla bla. Let them get their own opinion.

They're NOT mainstream. Every god damn band that's becoming a bit popular is, according to most people, mainstream. Like In Flames, Cradle of filth and so on. But they're not. Something that is mainstream, though, is blaming every band's latest albums for being mainstream. Just like Vol.3 with Slipknot and In Flames - Soundtrack to your escape. Slipknot haven't got much help from TV or other media, so.. that's not mainstream. I can agree that there is some people, not many, who claim to be maggots, Slipknot's fans, but they've only heard Slipnot's more popular songs like Wait and bleed, Duality and Vermilion.

Many say Slipknot's fans need to listen to more metal.
I listen to Metallica, Slayer, Maiden, The Haunted, In Flames, Cradle of Filth and such band. Enough?
I saw Slipknot last night. They're really great. Especially their concerts. Stay (SiC) fuckers
by <insert name here> July 05, 2005
The most liked and most hated band in the world. Some people like them, some hate them, but everyone has at least heard of them. I personally like them. (SIC)
Me: Do you like Slipknot?
#1: Hell Yeah!!!
#2: Fuck No!!!
by JustinL November 08, 2006
1)Slipknot is a band that originated out of Iowa, and has 9 members. Despite what some people think, Slipknot is VERY far from Death metal, Black metal and is not metal, either. DEFINETLY NÜ-METAL!!! Still good though.
2)A type of knot used to either hang yourself, “strap” your arm while injecting a form of narcotic or to tie something
1) So and so listened to Slipknot last night, and heard the major KoRn influences in certain songs
2)She used a Slipknot
by Bex December 03, 2003
Ok, let me give the real definition of this word. 9 man band from Iowa, have came out with 4 albums. The band is NOT black or death metal, i call it simply..metal. The band does have talent, as for the drummer joey (not the best in the world, but up there) and the vocalist corey. Overall this band is fairly good, some of the songs ARE complete bull shit. This definition is coming from someone who listens to ALL genres of metal, slayer, dimmu borgir, absu, cannibal corpse, so i know a little bit about the music.

The slipknot fans need to simmer down and listen to all metal.

As for the bashes, you guys need to mind your own business and put proper definitions.
Man : Hey, do you like slipknot?
Me : Yeah, fairly good band.
Man : Cool, slayer is my fav. though
by Rob December 29, 2004
Okay, most of you guys are posting opinions. How about a real definition for once?

Genre: They don't have one. They don't like to be slapped with a label and they definitely don't like to be judged. Most of you guys still do this, though.

Religion: Unknown. Some people may believe Satanists but this is not true. They do that stuff just for shock.

Members: #0. Sid Wilson - DJ
#1. Joey Jordison - Drummer
#2. Paul Gray - Bassist
#3. Chris Fehn - Percussionist
#4. James Root - Guitarist
#5. Craig Jones - Sampler/Media
#6. Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Percussion
#7. Mick Thompson - Guitarist
#8. Corey Taylor - Lead Singer

Random Facts: The song 'Purity' is about a teenager named Purity Knight who was stalked and eventually kidnapped by a man. This man sent clues to the cops daring them to find her. And in the end, he buried her alive and suffocated underground. For more details, go to Crimescene.....Corey used to work in a porn shop in Des Moines. "People would look at me like I was a freak, but they were the ones buying in the porn shop at four in the morning. Straight looking people I'd know would come to the register with 14-inch dildos and then they'd recognise me sitting there, and I'd be like, 'Like any lotions or lubes with that?'. But I didn't want anyone to feel dirty in the shop - because people are made to feel dirty every day of their lives, and that's bullshit"

Singles: Duality, Wait And Bleed, Vermillion, Vermillion Part 2, Spit It Out, The Nameless (live), and Before I Forget. There are more but I am running low on time.
Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words and the example must use the word slipknot...HA HA HA!!! NOW IT DOES, FUCKERS!!!
by Maggot4life January 22, 2006
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