Its funny how Slipknot haters tell us to get a life when their the ones that are insecure about their own music that they have to come over here and tell us what we don't want to hear. Everyone has opinions, keep them to yourself. Your not proving anything by saying "get a life loser", ESPECIALLY when you say it over the internet.. its people like you we hate.. but anywho thier 9 (sic) fuckers from des moines iowa. they are a kickass band.
#0. Sid Wilson - Turntables
#1. Joey Jordison - Drums
#2. Paul Gray - Bass
#3. Chris Fehn - Percussion
#4. James Root - Guitar
#5. Craig Jones - Media/samples
#6. Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Percussion
#7. Mick Thompson - Guitar
#8. Corey Taylor - Song
Their albums:
Mate Feed Kill Repeat - 1996
Selt-titled - 1999
Iowa - 2001
Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) - 2004
Planning another album right now.

saw Slipknot last night. They're really great. Especially their concerts. Stay (SiC) fuckers
by slipknot fan March 29, 2008
A band that goths think is great. But if great really meant shit it would be true. A band from Des Moines Iowa that has 9 people but still cant make good music.
Fan: they really get my feelings
Me: so your feelings are shit
Fan: No you dont understand real art!
Me: If mabye if art was shit
by pirates! July 16, 2005
A black hole of talent.
Slipknot are teh suck.
by jesus w. bush November 24, 2004
Slipknot is a sort of teenie bopper heavy metal band. They are very good and have agressive and gr8 lyrics. They need a new guitarist tho :P But the drummer is very good. Since going mainstream alot of people do think they are for teenie boppers. I still think they are gr8 altho i do prefer some of the better heavy metal out there like opeth etc etc
Stapled shut - Inside an outside world and I'm
Sealed in tight – Bizarre but right at home
Claustrophobic - Closing in and I'm
Catastrophic - Not again
I’m smeared across the page - And doused in gasoline
I'm wear you like a stain - Yet I'm the one who's obscene
Catch me up on all your sordid little indiscretions
I've got no time to lose, I'm just caught up in all the cattle

Frey the strings…
Throw the shapes…
Hold your breath…

I am a world before I am a man
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!
by Bex July 10, 2004
A shitty nu-metal band that slipped on a knot of fame and pop-culture and fell into the dumpster of mediocrity.
I can't believe the noise that Slipknot makes can be classified as music!
by rock fan May 21, 2003
Dose it matter what there lyrics are nobody understands what the fuck there on about.
Slipknow- Smer bla der fuck be bo monage balg...
Bloke1- Was there somat about a cat in there?
Bloke2- Fucked if i know, there crap why are we listing to them?
by Grigori April 09, 2004
1band that is mainly preffered by people who
A. hate their parents
B. Think it is "not mainstream" and therefore cool.

2. Some rabid, mask wearing people from iowa who were given guitars by some strange error in life.
slipknot is only good when your mad, otherwise it just makes you mad
by oi July 24, 2003
a band with 9 members making loud noises and callin it metal.
and it doesnt suck, nope!
you're just gonna like it if you're pretty new to metal and dont know shit about playin an electric guitar or even an instrument
1 : hey i just bought the new slipknot cd!

2 : oh cool! , so when's your 13th birthday party again?
by esi88 January 07, 2010

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