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Its funny how Slipknot haters tell us to get a life when their the ones that are insecure about their own music that they have to come over here and tell us what we don't want to hear. Everyone has opinions, keep them to yourself. Your not proving anything by saying "get a life loser", ESPECIALLY when you say it over the internet.. its people like you we hate.. but anywho thier 9 (sic) fuckers from des moines iowa. they are a kickass band.
#0. Sid Wilson - Turntables
#1. Joey Jordison - Drums
#2. Paul Gray - Bass
#3. Chris Fehn - Percussion
#4. James Root - Guitar
#5. Craig Jones - Media/samples
#6. Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Percussion
#7. Mick Thompson - Guitar
#8. Corey Taylor - Song
Their albums:
Mate Feed Kill Repeat - 1996
Selt-titled - 1999
Iowa - 2001
Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) - 2004
Planning another album right now.

saw Slipknot last night. They're really great. Especially their concerts. Stay (SiC) fuckers
by slipknot fan March 29, 2008
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A rock band that consists of 9 members. Their genre has been endlessly debated ever since their S/T album. Fans (icluding myself) are called maggots by the band and usually call Slipknot simply heavy metal and/or hardcore while so-called "true metalheads" (who themselves are often extreme-metal fans and appear to hate just about any form of mainstream metal and/or rock) call Slipknot nu-metal and/or non-metal. Slipknot refer to themselves as simply metal. "True" Goths and "true metalheads" often bash Slipknot. Some people even go so far as to say Slipknot is untalented which I could say about probably half of the bands or music groups that they listen to. People often say Slipknot fans (or maggots) are musically-tasteless mallcore kids, but some fans are just normal teenagers that happen to like Slipknot's music. Also, detractors of Slipknot's music will say all that it is is screaming, even though they've never even listened to Slipknot's music themselves. Slipknot also has a lot of talent. Corey Taylor's vocals can range from aggresive screaming to melodic singing. Joey Jordison is one of the fastest drummers on Earth (or at least in the US.) Slipknot is a really great band overall. Of course, if you're some stupid-fuck that claims Slipknot sucks and yet you haven't listened to any of their music, or you can't handle aggresive music than I guess Slipknot isn't for you and you aren't Slipknot-worthy. Some of the fans also claim to be true maggots but actually have only heard of their more popular songs (i.e. Duality, Wait and Bleed) and claim to be fans only because they wear Slipknot T-Shirts and hoodies.
Slipknot hater: Aw, man, Slipknot sucks! All they do is scream and worship satan and they suck and got no talent, man! They are wannabe-metal and wannabe-goth, man! And all their fans are poseurs!
Maggot: You asswipe! You haven't even heard of any of their songs, have you? Also, true fans don't have to dress a certain way nor should they care whether Slipknot is metal or not! So fuck off!
Slipknot hater: Uh, I think I heard like uh this one song by them, like uh... Hot in Herre or something like that
Maggot: That's Nelly, dumbass! I'm gonna play one of their albums. Hmm... I think I'll play Iowa!
Slipknot hater: Agghh! My ears! Can't-stand-good-music! Must-listen-to pop, rap, emo, and R & B crap that floods the radio stations and MTV!!!! Agggh!
by ilikepie714 August 25, 2006
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slipknot is a band that is not metal and fucking sucks. they have way too much people in the band. THEY ARE NOT THRASH. true thrash is slayer, old metallica and testament. not this gothic wannabe bullshit.
slayer would rape slipknot anyday
by jake brooks February 23, 2008
54 48
A band consisting of older men from iowa which can be deffined from the perspectives of magots (devoted slipknot fans who believe the band is the only thing in the world.)
the perspective of a hater (the group of people who are convinced that slipknot is a group a talentless assholes.)
and also from the perspective of a smart person. ( a normal person/ musician who can see and appreciate the success of a band who preforms because they love to.)

from the perspective of a magot: Slipknot is the fucking best. They are so awesome and so cool! They have he greatest screamer ever, the greatest drummer ever, and the greatest guitqrist ever!

From the perspective of a hater: A talentless band consisting of a bunch of old dried up fags with a fan base made of angsty, angry, dumb asses with no real musical taste.

From the perspective of a smart person: slipknot is a nu-metal band that could be defined in other genres. They are decently talented, very agrresive, and very popular band with a very talented drummer and a good vocalist. But hes no Mitch Lucker or anything.

From the
Slipknot has a various opinions on their music.
by IrSuicideSilence September 02, 2010
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A band. An extremely overrated band at that. The fans, or so they call themselves 'maggots' are highly stupid, and they lack in knowledge of metal.
Emo: Slipknot are fucking hardcore!

Metalhead: Dude. They suck, so shut the fuck up.

Emo: Noway! Joey is the bestest fastest drummer ever!

Metalhead: Die.
by Saikosis August 19, 2007
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Sorry ass band pretending to be metal while they shoul all fall to their knees and do some serious fellatio on real metal bands like Slayer , Sepultura or Pantera.
The band has like 9 members, half of them are drumers and the other half pretend to play guitar, bass or sing... notice that use the word "pretend" because the noise that comes out is annoying.
"Dude, Pete Sandoval from Morbid Angel can kick Slipknot's 4+ drumers combined"
by JK1112 December 22, 2003
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A band that calls its unintelligible screeches music.
I listened to Slipknot, and I didn't know if it was the radio breaking or them actually performing
by a somewhat smart person September 24, 2009
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Slipknot is 9 piece band from Des Moines, Iowa. "True " or "kvlt" metalheads will call Slipknot 'false metal/emo/goth/etc'. I just call them a metal band. Before anyone starts calling me a 'poseur', at least hear me out. You either love them or hate but don't call them shit if you've never listened to them. At least respect Slipknot. To "true" metalheads: Yes i know Slayer, old Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, etc.(you get the idea) are awesome and Slipknot can't compare to them,it doesn't give you the right to call them shit and call others poseurs only because they listen to Slipknot without knowing what other bands they listen to. Yes i know there are a lot of 13 yr olds that listen to Slipknot and say their the heaviest band in the world. I've heard more Pantera and Lamb of Godon the radio than i've heard Slipknot. I only hear Slipknot when a person calls in and requests it. Slipknot didn't steal the mask idea from Mushroomhead. Mushroomhead paints their faces. Slipknot wears masks. How people came up with this idea is beyond me. To all the poseurs out there: Slipknot an awesome band, but you guys are making us look like idiots. Slipknot is not black metal, death metal, or thrash/speed metal. Slipknot is not the heaviest band in the world, so get a fucking life!. To all maggots and metalheads(i.e. not poseurs who only like them cause it pisses your fucking parents off): We should all be out there after the the members of Limp Dickshit, i mean Limp Bizkit, so we can kill them for making shit that some idiot decided to call 'music'(i'm using the term 'music' loosly). Especially that retarded asswipe Fred Durst.

Get a life and try a different genre of metal. You never know, you might actually like it.
MMFCL and stay (SIC) fuckers.
*posur*Lik whatcha you listnin' to?
*me* Slipknot, Slayer, Child-*gets cut-off*
*me**kicks poseur in face a couple times* Go listen to some Deicide or Dying Fetus then come back and see if you can still say that.*walks off*

*stereotypical metalhead*what're you listening to?
*me*Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, ICP, Slipknot,-
*stereotypical metalhead**completely ignores the other bands I said*SLIPKNOT SUCKS!! THEY'RE SHITTY FASLE METAL!!!YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER POSEUR!!!
*me*Don't spew diarrhea of the mouth without ever listening to the band.*puts Gemetria (the Killing Name) on*
*stereotypical metalhead*Hey that's not too bad. Who is that?
*stereotypical metalhead*Really? They're not as bad as I thought. Still not my style though.
*me*Told you.
by Sqeek the college juggalette July 24, 2009
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