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best group of the '90s, credited with the production of math rock and post-rock
Algebra was pretty fun today, but it didn't make math rock as much as Slint did.
by Peter Parker November 13, 2003
Slint is an intensely bright and piercing beam of sunlight streaming through a narrow gap.
The slint of light that pierced her eyes as she rounded the corner momentarily blinded her.
by Yael62 July 03, 2014
Slang for a womans vagina
Lets try and pull some hungry slint tonight. Her slint tasted like the boston fish market. I was totally balls deep in this bitches slint last night
by sealice aka lone ranger January 15, 2011
cute, cuddly, elite.
she's slint, i wanna take her home.
by john of k October 13, 2003
one of the most offensive curse words around. VERY uncommonly used.
similar to the word poser, in a much more offensive state. A wiger or a poser. Someone pretending to be something they are not.
What a slint, i wanna shoot that stupid piece of crap!!!
by cheese man123 July 28, 2005
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