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best group of the '90s, credited with the production of math rock and post-rock
Algebra was pretty fun today, but it didn't make math rock as much as Slint did.
by Peter Parker November 13, 2003
137 55
Slang for a womans vagina
Lets try and pull some hungry slint tonight. Her slint tasted like the boston fish market. I was totally balls deep in this bitches slint last night
by sealice aka lone ranger January 15, 2011
40 46
cute, cuddly, elite.
she's slint, i wanna take her home.
by john of k October 13, 2003
19 83
one of the most offensive curse words around. VERY uncommonly used.
similar to the word poser, in a much more offensive state. A wiger or a poser. Someone pretending to be something they are not.
What a slint, i wanna shoot that stupid piece of crap!!!
by cheese man123 July 28, 2005
10 81