Slink (sometimes pronounced Shlink) is a woman is has a reputation or appears to be a "sket" ie "Slag"
Used as a derrogatory insult

"Fuck you, you Slink!"

Sometimes pronouced Shlink as it has a nice sound to it
by Ainzy February 27, 2008
People that live in caravans on the back field, discarded land, tax free, they are all scrubbers and rob clothes of washing lines. This breed usually look scruffy and talk in a language impossible to understand.
Hey, check out that scruffy slink, the fuckin gypo.
by Joni Evans April 05, 2005
a computer term for the (www and / or computer) link that means the segment of text or a graphical item that serves as a cross-reference between parts of a hypertext document or between files or hypertext documents. Also called hotlink, hyperlink. This word would be better used instead of link that has other meanings or instead of www link you could use slink. Simple version of www link.
Click this slink maybe you will find your necessary information here.
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
a prostitute that moves from corner to corner to avoid getting arrested.
Yo, the town slink is on Bush Ave. tonight.
by Big B March 08, 2004
A person, male or female, who JUST kisses and makes out with too many people. The equivalent of a make-out slut.
That girl is such a slink, she made out with 10 people at the party last night.
by KBZATA December 06, 2007
a phrase said out loud when a hand gesture is used. When you shake or slap hands "slink!" when you want or give a cigarette to someone "slink!" when you punch someone in the face "SLINK!, foo" Native of San Jose, California
"JD let me slink a cigarette"
by wilmfspent September 04, 2006
to leave someone on their own after going out with them
i went out with mrs x, and she pure slinked off with mrs y
by C.B is a slink September 09, 2005

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