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When a male uses a blanket or towell wrapped around his sexual partners waist when having sex doggie style. He pulls upwards lifting the partners bottem higher for easier entrance.
Dude, my girlfriends so short I had to slingshot her ass.
by CKatie. May 02, 2008
A men's exhibitionistic garment consisting of a pouch and over-the-shoulder straps. Usually thong backed or nearly so. Can be marketed as either beachwear or underwear. An earlier definition of banana sling seems to describe a slingshot.
Koala once described a slingshot as the world's highest cut bathingsuit.
by George A. Trosper October 24, 2003
Post-coital flinging of the spent condom in the direction of the female as she exits the room, with malicious intent to hit her in the back. If done correctly, she will yell in pain and embarrassment.
With deft percision, the condom sailed through the air and struck the girl in the back of the head just as she opened the door- the victim of Trevor's greatest slingshot maneuver to date.
by datesmybosses August 13, 2003
A flimsy undergarment for women, otherwise known as a g-string, thong or as my father likes to call them, "butt floss."
I won't let my dad see my doing my laundry because he refers to all my underwear as slingshots.
by KJ October 03, 2003