a male with only one nutter in his nut sack.... one with a lonely little nut...
kylie humped a sling shot!!!
by darrin mel and katie June 10, 2004
the act of getting rid of a used condom. (puting on thum, puling back and letting go to make it fly away.)
after having sex, they needed to hide to condom. So they slingshot it out the car window.
by smitherson268 January 01, 2012
A slang term used to describe having sex in a store purchased sex swing.
My girl and I stayed home to sling shot.
by Cake4Daze November 05, 2008
A masturbation technique used by males when one pulls down his testicles and releases them as he ejaculates, in turn, increasing the intensity of his orgasm.
After I told my buddy Benjamin about the Slingshot, his girlfriend Penny went blind in her left eye.
by Bo0m June 25, 2010
A sexual position in which your partner bends over and you eat out their ass
"Did you hear they tried the Slingshot last night?!"
by Adriannie July 10, 2008
A technique for wiping your ass for males. You remain in your seated position after pooping while u use ur left hand to grab your junk and move it out of the way inorder for ur right hand(holding the toliet paper) to manuever between your legs and wipe your asshole repeatedly untill clean.
I walked into a porter potty and saw this guy doing the slingshot
by Blamkin91 March 09, 2010
similar to a credit card. the act of cupping ones hand and swiping between a mans legs while he is bent over, essentially slingshotting his balls
kevin was bent over, so jonathan gave him a slingshot.
by jcmorgan4 February 16, 2009

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