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1) condom
2) jock strap
1) Dude she made me wear a sling- bitch.
2) Man, I forgot my sling! How am I going to play?
by Amie February 10, 2003
20 50
the act of selling drugs
I slang a 20 rock the other day.
by White Gold August 11, 2003
414 82
The act of selling drugs, while trying to avoid being labeled as a dealer.
Mark: Nice scale man, do you deal?
John: Nah, I'm just slingin
by kpq April 15, 2008
115 53
To sell drugs. Usually crack but can also refer to meth, herione, and cocaine.
"A bitch i heard you slingin glass for them surenos."
"That fool is a big ass slinger!"
by mateo chavez August 18, 2007
80 53
A wide strap with rings at the end used to carry baby children close to the adult body.
baby slings are a practical way for active people carrying babies.
by Jaybona November 28, 2009
33 14
simply to sell
that boys slingin' lemonade. You sling that shit?!
by r.barry December 26, 2008
45 29
a swing used for sexual pleasure.more than likely, hung from the celling with chains
that dude has a sling in his basment
by hemp February 20, 2005
83 77
To sell illegal narcotics: pills, dope, shit etc.
Probation officer: You still slinging bro?
Offender: why no, I have put all such nonsense behind me sir. And furthermore I have forsaken slang of all kinds.
by tray fern August 30, 2013
6 0