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A slimy pussy excretion is an incredibly rare type of female excretion. This can be caused by the partner of a certain female dropping at least a 12 inch fecal blowout into the vaginal hole. This is an extremely difficult task to go about with. Step 2 is for the male to cut his anal hair(an possibly pubic hair) and dipping it into a jar of peanut butter. After this, you will need to remove the steamy shit out of the vagina, take the peanut butter covered pubes, and stick it into a blender. After blending, you insert it into the female's vagina. After this, you rub the women's clit so hard she cums, and the excretion is very slimy. This is where the term comes from.
Yesterday night, I drank my girlfriend's slimy pussy excretion. It was quite a treat.
by skudger March 28, 2014

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