When a female rips off a male's genitals then puts it in an oven and cooks it 1-3 hours, then uses it for a strap on for use on her sexual partner.
Johnny was walking down the street when Maria suddenly spotted him, then pulled down his pants, tore off his genitalia, ran home, baked them at 450 degrees, then invited her partner to gang bang with still festering detached Wang. Johnny then ran down the street screaming. Guess he wasn't too fond of the slim Jim he received!!
by festeringfetus December 26, 2010
Top Definition
the best red faction...halo.. and unreal tournament player ever!
Dude 1: did u see that guy get owned by slimmy!!?
Dude 2: hell yah man!!! slim ownz!
by {GhG} SlimJim January 25, 2004
A delicious meat snack in the shape of a long and skinny stick rumored to have been made from the cheeks and foreheads of cattle. That may or may not be true. Currently it can be bought in different flavors such as nacho and tobasco, or even with a stick of waxy, horrible-tasting cheese. Can be purchased at just about any convenience store, super market, or gas station in the United States. It has been known to cause excitement in professional wrestlers.
Slim Jims go well with a cold soft drink.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
A tool used to (illegaly or not) open doors on cars, by 'pulling up' the lock within the door.
I boosted that car with a slim jim
by Damian March 26, 2003
Beef sticks of unsurpassed orgasmic flavor.
I eat a Slim Jim© every day.
by Keijiro October 11, 2005
A beef stick.
Need a little excitement!?!? SNAP IT TO A SLIM JIM!!!! OOOOH YEAH!
by Hacksaw Jim Duggan September 01, 2003
A long metal device for like seven bucks at auto zone that fits in between the door and window of an older car with mechanical locks that grabs the locking mechanism and pulls it up to unlock the door.
Taking a slim jim to a parking garage with no security at night to shop for radios and speakers.
by the tweaker February 17, 2004
a long, skinny spliff built by only the most masterfull rollers
james rolled a choong slim jim
by yskrab October 21, 2010

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