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1.) One Who Slimes

2.)That little green ghost from GhostBusters. He was pretty gross, but cute at the same time.
1.) Man! That slimer slimed me good!

2.) "Who you gonna call?" The Ghostbusters get slimed in their first battle with a ghost - Slimer!
by eMiLy <3 June 21, 2004
The equivalent to the male "boner." Refers to the secretion of lubricating fluids when a woman gets excited. May also be called a "throbber," in reference to a clitoral erection.
She got such a slimer when she saw my boner.
by Weiler February 14, 2005
The little fat green ghost from The Ghostbusters.

An obese person who oozes instead of walks.
I feel like I'm slimer because I ate too much.
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
While having sex, ask your partner if they have seen Ghost Busters. Then cum in your hand and wipe it on their face.
I was banging my girlfriend and before I came I asked if she had seen Ghost Busters... when she said no, I ejaculated into my hand and wiped it on her face while yelling Slimer
by jdub621 September 04, 2013
the act of whiping the sweat from your nuts onto someones face, wetting there face with nutsweat
HOLY SHIT, i just gave him a slimer.
by jv May 31, 2004
When you're done banging a chick, and you busted your nut inside her, and instead of just shutting up and leaving you alone, she opens her legs and wipes her dripping vagina on your thigh. Truly the worst sensation of all time.
I knew that broad was supposed to be filthy in bed, but I had no idea she was going to pull a slimer.

May also be used as a verb, i.e. "She slimed me."
by Jimmy December 17, 2003
A person with multiple chins and no visible neck, resembling "Slimer", the little green ghost from "Ghostbusters", the movie.
Rita McNeil is a total Slimer!!
by Guntor June 05, 2009
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