A 'slime' is someone who has serious game, some say so much so that girls are known to literally pounce upon these blessed men.

The worst thing is that the girls then try to claim they were slimed upon, but oddly enough will pounce within minutes of seeing these males again!

Guy meets girl, girl hooks up with guy. Makes out like shes not interested to every1 and gives him the nickname SLIME!! Girl meets guy again.....and gets slimmed! x
by Slimeslimeslime April 06, 2011
To cover something in a sticky subtance.

From the movie Ghostbusters.
We've got all this syrup, let's slime some people!
by AnimeDude360 November 04, 2006
A mucus like substance that the Republican party is built out of.
There are many, many examples of Republican slimeballs.
by jesster79 March 13, 2005
A fat lazy person who has lack of physical activities
You are slime go out and get a life
by Vanenix July 11, 2008
To semen on somebody, and then squish your bodies together so it gets everywhere.
Note: A preferred act by older men.
pervo men like it
boy Let's have sex tonight.
girlI can't.
boy awh! why?
girlTime of the month.
boyWanna slime?
girl yeah
by ileftmynametagonthebus June 10, 2008
Slime is a some very goood weed. It can be used for all types, streching from some good ass reg to some gank ass sour diesel.
You can tell if weed is slime by the color, texture, smell, and how high you got after a minimum of 10 hits. There are some different variations of the word to fit to the situation.
"Damn I'm slimey (high) as shit!"

"I smoked a blunt of that shit last night, its some slime."

"This weed is deffinitly some slime-alakum"

"YERT me get a dime of that slime"

by Ryan Baus April 07, 2009

A 'slime' is someone who comes onto girls who have boyfriends.

The worst thing is that the girls never realise that they are being 'slimed' upon, they insist that he is "just a good friend." this is painful to observe as for any male, his slimyness is blatant.

Noun - a slime
Verb - to slime
Adjective - slimy

NB: if his sliming is so obvious that the girl herself notices, he is a 'sludge' rather than a 'slime.'
1) Mate, check out Ed, he's all over your girl...

2) I know... that Slime is so slimy, he's sliming all over her.
by antislime February 14, 2011
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