Slim shady is to Eminem as Mr. Hyde is to Dr. Jeckle.
In his song Eminem commonly talks about 'Slim" as all his bad qualities, and the cause of all his problems. He actually kills him of in the song "Mockingbird". After Eminem kills him, everything gets better.
I turn around, find a gun on the ground. Cock it, put it to my head and scream "Die shady" and pop it. - When I'm gone

He killed "Slim shady", his alter ego.
by I_Broke_It May 26, 2011
the alter ego of marshall mathers. Slim is the villainous version of eminem, and completes tasks that em would like to do.
"In this corner, weighing 175 pounds, with a record of 17 rapes, 400 assaults, and 4 murders, the undisputed, most diabolical villain in the world, slim shady!" -Crack a Bottle.
by tgrizzle9er November 23, 2009
1. A psychopathic human being who has no feelings for anyone or anything. Sent by the devil, he brutally mutilates his victims, rapes victims, and abuses family members. Has a reputation for not caring .

2. An altar ego to American rapper Eminem. Eminem uses Slim Shady as an excuse for why he says or does things. He is an evil twin if you'd like.
1. Damn, that fucking guy was going Slim Shady on our neighbourhood last week.

2. "That's why they call me Slim Shady, I'm back"
by Marcus1296 October 12, 2014
A tightly rolled, long joint composed exclusively of high quality weed (no tobacco).
Let's burn a Slim Shady before that lame ass party tonight.
by Rajeeb April 10, 2007
slang for a real angry white dude.

comes from eminem's angry alter ego, slim shady.
relax slim shady.
by notanangrywhiteguy September 04, 2009
Eminem's (former) alter-ego, until he got clean like 2 years ago, now he's coming up with some pretty shitty songs. He was better before he got clean.
Me: What's your favorite song by Eminem?

Other guy: Not Afraid. That shit is AWESOME!

Me: Fuck you. Stan is WAAAAAY better. I miss the Slim Shady days.
by DarkNite1111 November 11, 2010
The name Marshall Matthers used (past tense) when he wrote song under the influence of drugs, unlike his present-day crap.


His name when he actually wrote good music before this whole Recovery bullshit.
1. Do you listen to Slim Shady?

2. Yeah he's awesome!

1. Recovery is a great album!

2. false, recovery is not slim shady, the eminem show and his early shit is slim shady
by AnAngryShadyFan November 07, 2010

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