Slang phrase with roots in the 1980's comic Dark Knight Returns, where the youth of the future had an amazing slang. Picked up by nerds, still used today.
Eyes slideways Don. (Means to pay attention to something happening where Don isn't looking)
by Gin_Orphan April 14, 2004
Top Definition
Used as another term for drifting

Also see Drift
That car went S-L-I-D-E-W-A-Y-S!
by Ajc_176 March 23, 2005
any forms of physical contact/actions that you slide into sideways. Usually done when drunk or buzzed.
Can we snuggle slideways tonight? I want to be big spoon!

He got into the car slideways and passed out!
#sideways #slide #cuddling #drunk #buzzed
by vericarolchellyjess April 05, 2011
a sideways movement caused by a sliding effect
when driving a car too fast in a turn, the back wheels break loose and the car goes slideways.
#movement #force #safe #accident #thrill #fun #control
by kirkwoodskibum November 21, 2013
sliding sideways
as in: driving to damn fast in the snow
by gootyam July 29, 2003
The art of sliding a car sideways through a corner, also known as drifting.
Look at at that 86 going slideways through the bends.
by JohanP April 10, 2016
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