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legendary canyon racers from los angeles county. or also known as slidage X3 for there agressive/crazy/fearless drivers that drove beat up cars in the LA mountain passes
everybody watch out here comes slidage let them lead the run.
by SX3 member April 20, 2011
8 6
Slidage is a group of canyon runner located in los angeles county. Slidage is also known for talking hardcore shit to people and on each other and know for no giving a fuck about shit. Slidage are owners of aggressive looking cars.
Slidage is talking shit again.
by tougelife May 05, 2011
4 5
An event of having sex with someone. or a plethora of up coming sexual activities with many different partners.
Yall gonna have to bounce i got some slidage coming thru.

You all are going to have to leave because i have this girl im going to have sex with coming over.

Boi my weekend bout to be LIVE i got all this slidage slid'n thru

Hey i'm going to have a great weekend, because i'm going to have a lot of sex with different women at my house.
by UDIMAC June 03, 2012
0 2
are a group of 3 guys one of which doesnt even own a car, are known to lose to ethan built productions with good tires and suspension
yo bro, whats up? have u herd of slidage? naa man
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