Slicer first appeared as a synonym for hacker in Timothy Zahn's Star Wars novel Heir to the Empire. It's a Star Wars word.

Ghent (as seen above), incidentally, appears in HTTE.
"There are slicers out there who eat government encrypt codes for breakfast."
by Zachary Gibbons April 12, 2004
Top Definition
A slicer refers to a fat girl. You've seen slabs of ham at the supermarket labeled slicers?.. that's the idea.
"I don't know about her friend, though. She's a total slicer."
"I was with Angel before she became sliced."
by Chhris July 11, 2006
Slicer=when a woman is sitting or wearing tight jeans and she farts then it rolls up front and pops on her clit, giving a good sensation down there.
Sitting at work a woman suddenly smiles, due to the fact that she just experianced a slicer. She enjoyed the sensation of the fart bubbles rolling up the vagina and popping on her sensitive clit.
by Miss creative August 09, 2011
A slicer is another word for you penis.

Closely related to throbber but slicer is usually when you are flacid.
Shut up you slicer!
by 2mt May 02, 2009
someone who is devious, manipulative, or dishonest; a person who is sly or shrewd but with a more negative connotation; who "slices" behind someone's back for personal gain
"He told me he'd be here with my money an hour ago but now isn't answering his phone. What a slicer."

"That slicer shorted me on that eighth; he only gave me 3.2 grams."

"You pretended to be that guy's friend just to borrow his car? Man, you're a slicer."
by xaipe July 10, 2008
person who slits his/her wrists.
The man from 2B is a total slicer.. you could see the marks from his razor all over his wrists.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
Its basically the same word as "fuck". It can be used in ANY context.
"What the slice!?"
"I wanna slice him so bad"
by Meghan/Abby April 11, 2006
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