basically the same as a "slut" or a "whore"

a shorter version of the word is "slewt"

1. noun - a woman engaged in excessive promiscuous sexual activity.

2. noun - semi-derogatory term of endearment towards a woman, can be used in place of "friend" or "bitch".
"what slewters are you bringing out tonight?"

person 1: "do you know emily?"
person 2: "that girl is such a slewt."
by courwhore December 12, 2010
Top Definition
A decent looking girl that is beyond a slut. After being called a slut over 763 times, she is officially a slewter. (ie: girls that approach you in the parking lot when a club is closing trying to take them home because everyone in the club already knows they are a slut).
I brought home a total slewter last night. She was easier then turing a light on!
by JDubBizzle March 05, 2009
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