a term used for someone that lies a lot; Drew Wilkinson himself;
ex: drew is at a party and a friend calls
Friend: "Hey drew, where ya at?Lets party!"
Drew: "aahh, I'm driving down Birdneck right now. I'll give ya a call later."

look at slew. he's such a slew.
by mooseclays October 20, 2010
Top Definition
Similar to merk, to cut someone down in their prime through the use of either lyrical prowess or a glock
Blud i swear down i will slew you
You will get bun and slew
by jefferyatkins March 07, 2004
Verb; to Slew

To slew somebody is to essentially make them feel inferior in an argument. a proper slew is to do this in rhyme form.
The word itself can also be used as a term of inferiority on its own (i.e. this man get slew)
(Common Slew) "bruv, slew you yeah!"

(Proper Slew) "make sure that i come thru, when i hit mandem with the slew"
by Ronnie Blick February 05, 2010
Popular farmland slang for excessively wet and runny hog and/or cattle diarrhea. Slew is never used as fertilizer as it is the wrong consistency in that of regular manure.
Jake's job was to clean the slew from the barn on Tuesday morning.
by Grimey666 June 25, 2010
a slut; sexually immoral or dirty woman.
Look at Paris Hilton, that stupid slew.
by champbailey4lyfeson May 30, 2004
unacceptable quality or performance; acting in a poor manner.
She is slew!

Damn man you slewed it!

Don't be slew when you go to that interview.
by @MookX_XNasty February 28, 2011
downtown Cedar Rapids Iowa
man you aint down with the slew?
by 2pacisalive June 27, 2009
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