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(New teenage "genre" label, seemingly a branch off from scene and emo.)
Slesh kids normally have big hair. When I say big, I MEAN big. Normally bigger than my hair, mine is small slesh =]
But yes. Slesh hair resembles large teased up emo or scene hairstyles.
To make your hair slesh, simply use LOTSof hairspray && a comb. Tease and back-comb your hair until its spikey and fluffy and frizzy =D
Corey : "Shit bro, look at that emo kid's hair!"
Sam : "Nah man, his hair is too big to be emo. He's slesh"
Corey : "... so slesh hair is different to emo hair?"
Sam : "..." -slaps-
by x.//.Whorebox.\\.x March 02, 2007
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