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A misspelling of sleep. When typed in an irc window, IM session, or any other kind of online chat thingie, it is proof that the speaker needs sleep, because he is so tired his left middle finger can only hit the 'e' key once before it is totally spent.
<Jawa> omg i'm so tired.. must slep
<BobSplat> good night!
by Jawa July 23, 2004
(adj.) Blissfully unaware of society's systemic predisposition for or against you.

Antonyms: woke
BeckyWithTheBadGrades: I didn't get into college because I'm white and affirmative action is discrimination!
LiterallyEveryoneElse: Girl you slep af
by treekin June 25, 2016
An absolute hero. Casual but brilliant. Some people are just born great.
Hey that guy walking down the road with the hood up and the cap on... whata sleps.
by gbksh April 14, 2011
a preppy slut or a slutty prep.
jenny is hella preppy but yet she's one of the schools biggest slut what would you call her? a slep!!1
by playboy princess March 19, 2007
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