A person who practices the art of card, coin, or easily transportable props to perform magic. Many people tend to believe all this one person does is find your card, that's just a magician. A sleight artist does much more then find your card, they ARE artist despite popular belief. They aren't apart of the nerd, geek, dofus or any lower high school group, nor are they a popular kid, they are in the mixed group, with the physically uncoordinated funny kid, the goth, the douche bag, the "other" kids, the kid who laughs at anything. (Going back high school standards) The artist is also able to please/entertain a crowd, with or without using magic.
he isn't a magician by any means, he isn't an illusionist, hes a mastery of sleight, a sleight artist.
by Bernard Sleight artist November 03, 2007
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