Foreskin of the penis. Also known as a hood or turtleneck.
Don't forget to wash your cock, especially under the sleeve.
by Richard L. June 09, 2004
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arm covered in tattoos (look at tommy lee)
"i heard jon got some ink"
"yea he's got a full sleeve now"
by emohammers December 10, 2003
Someone who acts like a hoe or is a hoe.
That girl on the corner is such a sleeve.
by you make me realy wanna SPROUT August 14, 2009
to place something between the cheeks of one's buttocks, as in to hide, or keep safe
he sleeved it! where is it? did you sleeve it? sleeve it john!
by Adam S. Adams June 12, 2007
Another word for condom, used to prevent unintentional impregnation
Hey man do you use a sleeve when your fucking Daisy?

Fuck no! I'd rather cut off my penis with a toilet seat than fuck using a sleeve!
by Markus The Conquerer July 10, 2008
Another term for Turtleneck or the Uncut dick
Ashley: Chris always has his sleeve on
by jonfizzle November 13, 2003
Geeky/Nerdy kids who wear long sleeve shirts or coats no matter what the temperature is.
"The sleeves are talking about anime again."
by MontBlanc September 12, 2003

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