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the magical creature that eats the sleeves off of men's t shirts in the morning as they leave their house, thus resulting in the tough guy sleeveless t shirt look
"oh shit....sleeve monster caught you this morning huh?"
by P Mills August 13, 2008
The monster who comes into your room at night and cuts the sleeves off of your t shirts to feed on. He usually only strikes those who who have biceps they often show off, are obsessed with themselves, sweat through the armpits excessively, or dont like sleeves. The sleeve monster is a very elusive, seemingly non-existent creature who wants nothing but to eat your sleeves.
-Dude, why do you always cut the sleeves off of your t shirts? You look dumb

-Sleeve monster man, he comes by like once a week lately

by gwainhead October 01, 2009
A shirt that had it's sleeves ripped off by the sleeve monster to show your incredibly large bicepts.
I was shopping at second avenue and I found a sleevemonster,put it on and my bicepts were huge.
by Birthhog August 07, 2009