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walkin around acting like your drunk off your ass when really your just walkin around while asleep
This dude walked into my room and fell asleep again underneath my desk, pantsless. i thought he was drunk but he was makin way to much "sense" to be drunk and didn't smell like he'd been drinking. when i looked over from my bed and asked him wtf he was doin he said he had a dream that involved me and blood and asked where his pants were. he then tried to wear my bookbag as pants out of my room. i got my bookbag back and told him to go back to bed im fine. next morning he wakes up and doesn't remember s**t. only reason dude knew he did it was he came downstairs and is like why are my pants on the kitchen floor...
by Grizzant August 28, 2005
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when you out yo fuckin mind cus you jus drank that lean
me n my nigga jojo wus sleepwalkin like a bitch
by B.Gizzle420 February 19, 2010
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