sleep over when girls get together to talk and comb each others hair
this sleep over is a total freaking drag
by sara March 12, 2005
Top Definition
Where you spend the night at a friends house, usually girls, aged 9-late teens. Though boys have sleepovers but they call it "spending the night" at someones house. Has absolutely nothing to do with any sexual activities.
I'm going to a sleepover at Ashley's house

For my birthday I am having a sleepover party
by ---anonymous July 23, 2006
This doesn't have to entail just girls.
This is the act of two or more friends spending the night at one of the persons house. Usually involves the visitors bringing sleeping bags and sleeping on the floor. Common activites tend to revolve around a sleep over: Pillow fights, Board Games, Dungeons & Dragons, Makeovers, and talking about the opposite sex.
Most Pajama Parties involve a sleep over
Hey, let's call up everybody and have a sleep over this weekend.
by AdamBoBadam September 08, 2005
A legal definition of 'sleepover' is as follows:
-One or more people stay over your house
-With the intention of staying there for the entire night because it would be IMPRACTICAL for them to go home
-Activities are undertaken at the house that you are staying at
-Being at the persons house is the main focus point of your night
-It is NOT a sleep over if you live out of home
-A girl/guy staying over for the purpose of a relationship of some kind is NOT a sleepover, it is sex/a relationship.

Impractical in the situation is defined as: There is going to be stuff done until the evening hours in which it would be stupid for someone to come and get you or to leave yourself, especially on your own.

Sleepovers were so much fun as a kid.
by NRLeels August 27, 2008
The hangover like symptoms that are induced by copious amounts of sleep.

Symptoms include extreme grogginess, aches, and general crankiness after sleeping an extreme amount that you aren't used to. No illegal substances involved. Usually after 12+ hours of sleep.
Friend 1: "Jesus, we just slept 14 hours after that forensics trip."
Friend 2: "I know. I feel like I have been hit by a train."
Friend 1: "Damn sleepovers."
by alwayssixthirty April 11, 2010
When a couple is so exhausted after sex, and the women is on top and they both fall asleep while he's still inside her.
Me an me girl was so tired after sex last night that we ended up doing a sleep over.
by sleep over August 06, 2014
An activity in which you become intoxicated and fall asleep in a semi unfamiliar surrounding. Be wary of having your asscheeks shlacked under some circumstances. (See shlack)
"Hey man, theyre really drunk, haha get the Plaster of Paris"
by Ezrielli February 12, 2003
A particularly terrible film centered around an unnattractive bunch of D-list prepubescent female celebrities. Lured people such as myself by offering "FREE I-ZONE CAMERAS FOR THOSE WHO SHOW UP IN THEIR PJS!" Cocksuckers.
"I wasted 8 dollars on that piece of shit AND I wore my fucking pajamas in public. I didn't even get a camera."
"Surprise... you're an idiot."
by ilikefood May 30, 2005
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