sleepie is da shit nikkahs, better not start shit b4 he fuck ur ass up, he be reppen 626 wit his homeboiz n homegirlz homiez, fuck wit him u fuck wit all, he also luvz his bby girl for all eternity
sleepie is godly nikkahs =]
by Tyson December 31, 2004
Top Definition
to have a little sleep
"i'll think i'll have a little sleepie" - Vince Noir the Mighty Boosh
by michael beck March 24, 2006
The stuff you find in the corner of your eye each morning, after sleeping.
Other names include Sleep, Sleepy, Eye bogies, Sleepy Sand, Eye goo.
I like to eat my sleepie, it tastes like salt!
by Aaron2 December 04, 2006
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