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sleepie is da shit nikkahs, better not start shit b4 he fuck ur ass up, he be reppen 626 wit his homeboiz n homegirlz homiez, fuck wit him u fuck wit all, he also luvz his bby girl for all eternity
sleepie is godly nikkahs =]
by Tyson December 31, 2004
4 21
to have a little sleep
"i'll think i'll have a little sleepie" - Vince Noir the Mighty Boosh
by michael beck March 24, 2006
16 5
The stuff you find in the corner of your eye each morning, after sleeping.
Other names include Sleep, Sleepy, Eye bogies, Sleepy Sand, Eye goo.
I like to eat my sleepie, it tastes like salt!
by Aaron2 December 04, 2006
10 3