not listening, don't care what you are saying
telling someone to sleep could be a gesture, slapping leg
by c durkee February 24, 2005
Something you do after you fuck someone, or you can SLEEP with someone, in the sense you have sex with them.
Duy's Mom sleeps with other men.
by James Brown Bond May 17, 2004
Something that People do on cam
example look at neals cam oh he is sleeping
by inspeaks joker August 10, 2013
Sleep is a mythical creature that brings joy and happiness to those lucky enough to have said they have found it. It is most often found after a night of intense intoxication, after many days of insomnia or while medicated. Sleep, while easy for others to obtain, is often referred to by many in the context as other mythical creatures and objects. For example: the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the troll under the bridge, the elusive unicorn and true love.
I wish I could find this thing called sleep.
by Gwalk July 12, 2013
The 8 hour break taken between periods of playing skyrim.
Nick: "If it weren't for sleep I could have leveled my destruction skill by now. OH GOD WHAT HAVE I BECOME?"
by larryleff November 12, 2011
1. a point in time when somebody is feeling very tired / sleepy.
2. somebody wanting to go to bed because they are tired and need to sleep.
i'm so sleeps!
by lnk053 April 03, 2011
Something you hated when you we younger but can't get enough of now.
"Sweety, time to get up!"

"Go away ma i'm sleeping!"
by Dolores Neveer June 06, 2014

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