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What we all had problems with when we were younger, but now we can't wait for it to come.
Sleep: ZZZzzzZZZ
by Nightshavd May 02, 2010
Something that is completly overrated.
College student: The last time I went to sleep was a month ago...and no...I don't miss it.
by Bex13 April 27, 2008
To let your guard down on someone weather the confrontation is physical or a matter of trust;to unconciously remove doubt about someone who isnt worthy of your confidence
Not for nothing, jax is being real shady..dont sleep on her.

by ShadesCorner December 21, 2005
An extremely serious medical condition that occurs due to a lack of caffiene, glucose, taurine, but most likely all of the above. Symptoms of this condition include very low brain function, loss of brain function, and complete blindness for the duration of the symptoms.
Tom: I think I might sleep...
Harry: No! Not you too buddy! Have another can of Red Bull.
by matchsticky July 07, 2011
Something you're not doing.
If you're reading this, you're not sleeping.
by BENNYs November 20, 2010
not listening, don't care what you are saying
telling someone to sleep could be a gesture, slapping leg
by c durkee February 24, 2005