overrated, yet necessary if you'd like to function semi-normally for about 5 hours per day.
by Siberian Monkey Doo September 28, 2003
Something you're probably really lacking right now.
Holy Crap I need to get my ass in bed...but I really dont feel like it....but I need sleep....crap
by RoseMoon January 06, 2011
something that you start life getting enough or even too much, but as you get older you lose more and more hours of because you are doing homework or hanging out with friends, etc.
person 1: I'm so tired!!
person 2: Did you sleep last night?
person1: I didn't have time, I had too much homework!
by SoTiredItsNotFunnyAnymore January 26, 2010
Your body's stimulant. You are always deprived of this due to one or all of the following reasons:

1. mounds of homework given by vicious pedo teachers.
2. extra hours at work given to you without your consent
3. stress
4. hardcore sex
5. party hardy
Mom: you haven't been getting enough sleep.
You: I'll go to bed early tonight.

(later that night)
Mom: go to sleep!!
You: I'm doing my homework, ma.
by StephHasArrived August 16, 2008
A fantastic drug that every person in the world is addicted to. This is something with which we are born with a hereditary built up tolerance to, deeming it absolutely impossible to ever have enough to truly satisfy our craving for it.
David: Hey man, you look like shit
Enrique: I know, I barely got any sleep yesterday
David: How much did you get
Enrique: 8 hours, but it never seems like enough
by superfragilisticexpialidocious February 06, 2012
Its a state of mind and body enterwining to build up energy for the next day in which you sleep.
If you are Reid, you make up definitions for fun, like definitions of sleep.
by HAHA REIDLY GET OWNED April 23, 2009
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