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the best things, sleep and sex (probably, not from experiance) and showers.

sleep ...... you need to get more of it.
I had sex then showered and then fell asleep. :)
by i dont know how to spell January 13, 2005
19 10
overrated, yet necessary if you'd like to function semi-normally for about 5 hours per day.
by Siberian Monkey Doo September 28, 2003
18 9
sleep is for the weak
sleep when youre dead
by Clinton d September 29, 2009
17 9
Your body's stimulant. You are always deprived of this due to one or all of the following reasons:

1. mounds of homework given by vicious pedo teachers.
2. extra hours at work given to you without your consent
3. stress
4. hardcore sex
5. party hardy
Mom: you haven't been getting enough sleep.
You: I'll go to bed early tonight.

(later that night)
Mom: go to sleep!!
You: I'm doing my homework, ma.
by StephHasArrived August 16, 2008
12 4
To have sex with another person (can be used in past and future tense also.)
Sleep with me, I'm not too young...
by Carlito October 18, 2004
29 21
the best shit in the fucking world!
by whofingcares? May 02, 2010
8 1
When you close your eyes and shut the f**k up!
Girl:whats your definition of sleep?
Boy: when you close your eyes, and shut the f**k up!
by ctorres624 March 10, 2010
8 1