what you do when you are too depressed to face the world.
when the love of your life has been gone for the last five months, sleep is what you do to cope.
by treehugger449 April 11, 2007
What you do at school
Teacher: So where are we?

Student: sleeping ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by Anonymous121212 November 30, 2005
A great way to spend a school day.
"Hey Chuck, I'm going to sleep through 4th period today."
by The Mad Trombonest May 21, 2008
the fucking best thing ever. Just don't go to sleep while driving, thinking, drinking, living, existing, knowing, or taking candy from any children.
Sleepy dude 1: I want to go to bed!
Parent: Eat your 'shrooms first!
by JohnnyToothless March 15, 2008
A drug that everyone can't resist taking.
"Man I need like, 16 doses of sleep. Hook me UP!"
by xmancrushmonday April 11, 2015
the one thing in life that you can't get enough of.
person 1: can i ask you a question?
person 2: umm, ya, go ahead.
person 1: zzz....zzzz....(sleep)
person 2: ok...
by bryan.........92 May 19, 2007
when the body becomes in an unconsious state and the body's five senses are not intact,a time for rest typically eight hours a night,you may have a dream about something you were thinking about before you fell asleep,unfortunely there are many sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.many people use stimulants such as caffeine to prevent falling asleep.you re-energize during sleep.The average human spends one third of their life sleeping.
I'm so tired i need sleep.I love sleep it's my favorite thing to do.
by jaket February 24, 2008

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