another word for lame, stupid, and dumb
Dre: aye bruh how was that party last night?

Marquis: man that party was sleep as hell!
by Yung Pro January 20, 2012
Not knowing a subject or not aware of something that occurred, as if you were asleep.
Kevin, you did not know tonya was a hoe, you sleep.
by ksejabb April 26, 2011
it is when you don't catch on until later
When you got 10 dollars in your poket with a couple of ones and some askes for a dollar you give 'em a dollar but don't catch on that you gave 'em that 10. So when you go to that person you made a mistake giving the 10 to they admit to have it and then say you sleep.
by Chargers OpW December 01, 2010
Something people who haven't got any thing better to do during the day than making homework have time for.
Johnny: C ya, Im going to sleep..

Danny: Dude f*ck you! I gotta stay up and do my homework --'

Johnny: Haha, I did it this afternoon :P

Danny: douchebag!
by R0ede October 26, 2010
some one who is a dumb as fuck.
dang derek you sleep
by tyler cothron May 09, 2008
1.(v)to be wrong or say something wrong or out of the ordinary
2.(v) to be or acting wack
You sleep!This aint fake, this is real gucci.
by LiL Tina May 28, 2005
referring to someone/something un-appealing. ugly. disgusting. bad.
" dangg, did you see that sleep ass girl over there? "
by cynthiahhx April 02, 2007

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