-means not to be awake in regular everyday language
-in the ghetto it means to hit somebody really hard that makes him fall and not move anymore
-that nigga slept him after he started talkin shit
-you should sleep his ass
-go to sleep.. you reading too much urban dictionary!!
by SacT November 10, 2005
something that everyone but me can do.
man you know sleep? Yeah what is it...
by janeydoey October 08, 2013
Not thinking/acting right or Trippin'
"Imma hitt up your sister after work"
"Ni66a you sleep"
by herndon720 November 29, 2011
the most legal drug 1 person can ever have. can be obtained anywhere at anytime.
man 1. goddamn i need some sleep.
man 2. well go get sum

man 1. cant no bed
man 2. you dont need a bed

man 1. what you mean?
man 2. *snores*
man 1. ohhhhhhhhhhh.......*zzzzzzzz*
by umc1991 September 15, 2011
Sleep is a slang word that can be used any time. It can be combined woth other words to spice it up.
Mike-A man u cant dress for shit ....chris-bihh u sleep af

Mike-black ops better the mw2 bitch!....chris-sleeeeeeep !

We good at basketball dont sleep on us !
by king-kj-23 July 28, 2011
Punch somebody in the face so hard the fall into a deep coma.
Yo im going to sleep you sahn.
by Noisecreep June 06, 2010
im going to go comatose, hallucinate vividly, and maybe suffer amnesia about the whole experience.

amnesia-forget the dream
person: so what did you dream about last night?

other person: i dont know i hallucinated vividly and then suffered from amnesia.

person: you must be high..or sleepy.

other person: yeah i didnt sleep.

person: ??
by iluvyou15 April 23, 2010
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