Sleep is a sensation when you ignore the world and try to think of a better place (dream). You lay completely still and hope for a few hours of peace. This is often better in pairs, in the form of cuddling!
Go to sleep!
by Tired College Student April 28, 2012
Similar to nap, something the aged (people over the age of 25) rarely get enough of because they are doing stupid crap like looking up the definition of it here. Also something that older people find more desirable after the age of 12, i.e. naps which we could have had as kids but were too stupid to realize that later we would pay for them.
49 year old Dave (not his real name) really wanted a nap but work kept interfering with that process as a result sleep was always on his mind.
by Old Wolf November 25, 2011
The 8 hour break taken between periods of playing skyrim.
Nick: "If it weren't for sleep I could have leveled my destruction skill by now. OH GOD WHAT HAVE I BECOME?"
by larryleff November 12, 2011
v. to fight someone and win, usually with vengeful motives.
"if you keep talking shit ima sleep you, hoe."
by btchzaintshit September 09, 2011
1.what you do when you are tired
2.singaporeans lack this concept tired im going to bed
2.jas says im going to bed but she lacks the concept of sleep and stays up for hours after she says good night
by sprtsgy1989 June 20, 2011
something everyone loves and needs but almost no one gets enough.
dang dude i need some sleep. iv bin up since forever ago
by oranges rox March 17, 2011
When you tell someone to sleep it means they are acting dumb or said somethin dumb!
Waitor: ok what kind of sauce would you like? (For her wings)
Taylor: Sauce for what?
Courtney: SLEEP!
by Courtney Watt March 21, 2010
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