Unconscious movement, unaware of threats, hostility, and possible harm to self.
Watch the guys on your left, they gaming on you, all right, never sleep to the beat.
by jbillainc November 03, 2010
im going to go comatose, hallucinate vividly, and maybe suffer amnesia about the whole experience.

amnesia-forget the dream
person: so what did you dream about last night?

other person: i dont know i hallucinated vividly and then suffered from amnesia.

person: you must be high..or sleepy.

other person: yeah i didnt sleep.

person: ??
by iluvyou15 April 23, 2010
normally a word used by miami people , meaning your not updated , and you are late ont finding out things .
boy you sleep .
by perdo sanchez el segundo April 14, 2009
the crusty shit that forms in your eyes when sleeping. Almost like eye boogers that are crusty.
Hey Lucas you have sleep in your eyes...pick that shit out.
by hastyb December 21, 2008
Another way to say somebody "trippin' " or messin up ;
How to describe someone when they don't see eye-to-eye with you
"Eww you eat avocadoes? That's nasty"

"Uh uh with some miracle whip on em, these thangs be good, you sleep ! "
by chaunk4 October 23, 2009
Something only for the weakest of beings.
You went to sleep last night? What kind of a man are you?
by FantaBAMarama February 14, 2009
you trippin
you sleep man,i dont like that girl!
by i run dat December 07, 2008

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