saying that you are about to sleep but still scrolling through your texts or social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram etc)
Fadilah says to Dania that she is going to sleep , so she goes to her twitter's timeline to tweet. (Fyi the reason for tweeting is to prove that she in the state of sleep)
by Fadilah January 03, 2014
A name you call someone when you disagree with their opinion when you are asleep you cant think straight. That's why they say "you sleep"
Guy #1: derrick rose is the best point guard
guy #2: bro you're sleep, its chris pual
by verticalychallenged18 December 05, 2013
A standardized unit of time.
Nocturnal equivalent to days.
only (number) more sleeps until (event)
by Alphanumeric October 24, 2013
something that everyone but me can do.
man you know sleep? Yeah what is it...
by janeydoey October 08, 2013

Lying still ( usually in the dark) for an extended period of time (varying in each circumstance) until consciousness dissipates. Cognition can then return in several different ways; First occuring naturally, after an indeterminate amount of time, depending on an individuals sleep cycle and biorhythm. Secondly, it can manually be regained through use of an alarm either with a clock, a watch, or a phone. Lastly awareness of perception can be retrieved prematurely though abrupt, obnoxious external auditory and/or physical means, being the least likely of ways anyone would prefer to wake up.
I'm going to go to sleep now... GOD FUCKING HELP YOU IF YOU FUCKING WAKE ME UP BEFORE 12. Good night.
by Insomnatic June 07, 2013
Sleep is a sensation when you ignore the world and try to think of a better place (dream). You lay completely still and hope for a few hours of peace. This is often better in pairs, in the form of cuddling!
Go to sleep!
by Tired College Student April 28, 2012
Not thinking/acting right or Trippin'
"Imma hitt up your sister after work"
"Ni66a you sleep"
by herndon720 November 29, 2011

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