1.what you do when you are tired
2.singaporeans lack this concept
1.im tired im going to bed
2.jas says im going to bed but she lacks the concept of sleep and stays up for hours after she says good night
by sprtsgy1989 June 20, 2011
something everyone loves and needs but almost no one gets enough.
dang dude i need some sleep. iv bin up since forever ago
by oranges rox March 17, 2011
When you tell someone to sleep it means they are acting dumb or said somethin dumb!
Waitor: ok what kind of sauce would you like? (For her wings)
Taylor: Sauce for what?
Courtney: SLEEP!
by Courtney Watt March 21, 2010
-means not to be awake in regular everyday language
-in the ghetto it means to hit somebody really hard that makes him fall and not move anymore
-that nigga slept him after he started talkin shit
-you should sleep his ass
-go to sleep.. you reading too much urban dictionary!!
by SacT November 10, 2005
a blissful something that students don't get because of homework.
I only got 3 hours of sleep because Ms. Goldstein gave us a paper to do.
by missherondale June 03, 2014
To escape from reality for a good amount of hours
Lisa had a bad day, so to get through it, she went to sleep.
by Shasha86 May 21, 2014
saying that you are about to sleep but still scrolling through your texts or social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram etc)
Fadilah says to Dania that she is going to sleep , so she goes to her twitter's timeline to tweet. (Fyi the reason for tweeting is to prove that she in the state of sleep)
by Fadilah January 03, 2014

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