An efficient way of unnoticably skipping out on near half of one's life.
Good morning. Am I 53 already..?
by darklylit August 29, 2005
A great cure for forgetting your life sucks.
Another girl called me ugly. I'm gonna go to sleep for 14 hours tonight and try to have a good dream because my life sucks.
by Layko November 10, 2006
The closest way to experience death without actually dying. Seemingly nothing exists while you are asleep, except when you dream.
I dont even remember when I fell asleep. I just all of the sudden woke up and its morning.
by jacob February 24, 2006
Something that students of Stuyvesant High School as well as other competitive high schools are deprived of. It consists of closing your eyes and going into another world.
"Hey what school do you go to?
"I go to stuy"
" O man, sorry man i heard you get no sleep"
" Naw man " :
by sleepmaster101 January 24, 2010
Little slices of death!
Im goin to sleep for a few hours, which means my body is goin to shut down for a while!
by Dizzy October 07, 2003
A really childish and infantile substitute for the word for "days", usually used when some lamewad is counting down the days until their next loser adventure.

It assumes we all think like children, and think things like "time for sleep!!" when it gets late.
"hey honey, only three more sleeps until our vacation!!"

"three more SLEEPS?? How old are you, six?? Grow the hell up. We adults just say 'days'."
by sully.d August 17, 2009
The best thing to do after a long,stressful day at work.Also good for getting rid of the cold and the flu.
Ethan went to sleep,and he doesn't have the flu anymore.
by The Guy of Enlightenment June 04, 2016
something i cant get.
the physical state of unconciousness for the body to recover from its daily activities.
something clearly overlooked for INSOMNIACS like me.
all of you that can get the 's' word ...make the most of it cos you'll never understand the frustration of being totally wiped and not being able to fall asleep
im an insomniac. all the definitions iv made on urbandictionary have been made past 1 in the the moment its 22 minutes past 5 in the morning. *sigh* and im knackered.
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