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It is like sleep walking but more are writing in your sleep.
It is a curse given to a person that has already walked under a ladder, shattered a mirror and has seen a black cat. People who sleep write know what to write because they sleep with their eyes open. A person that is sleep writing may even be able to have a msn convo. A person that sleep writes still dreams though and therefore when that person wakes up the next day, they would not remember the convo.
Dawn says:
How long have you been sleep writing?

žã¥ŋĒ says:
Ever since the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination, i fell asleep during the exam just to wake up to find that i had a completed examination paper!

Dawn says:
What! and how did you do??

žã¥ŋĒ says:
I passed for CIC! that was my first choice..i was so happy..
by ZCMC August 09, 2009
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