The physical embodyment of that which is "sleep". It can be referred to as either gender.

So many people go to sleep (visit the sleep whore) every day and its free. So not only do about 6 billion people visit the sleep whore every day, but the sleep whore is cheap too.

Sleep is a whore.
"Im very tired... Im gonna make a good old visit to the sleep whore. goodnight friend!"
by The fiddlin' sailor October 22, 2009
Top Definition
A person who sleeps way too much, or sleeps in too late.
(i.e.: 3 P.M.)
Hey, John. How are you?
What the f*** man? You woke me up!
Honestly, John, you're such a sleep whore. It's 3 P.M.!
by Miss Barky Von Schnauser March 12, 2009
one who whores themself to sleep
You, sir, are a sleep whore.
by Jimminy Cricket November 01, 2004
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