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One who sleeps frequently and is able to accumulate excess hours of sleep above beyond the mean. Sleep sluts are able to fall asleep indiscriminately and value sleep above all else.
Within minutes of boarding the commuter train Mark was fast asleep. Marks sleep slut powers were legendary in that he was always able to wake before his stop.
by rjv July 15, 2005
A girl (or guy, but usually not) who sleeps around... but doesn't fuck. She will lure her friends and acquaintances into bed to snuggle and keep her warm, but rejects advances that would lead to more entertaining activities. Sleep sluts never realize they are jerking people around, they assume their blueballed partners are just as happy with this arrangement as they are.
Megan is a terrible sleep slut. She got John, Tim, and Mike in bed twice each, and hasn't messed around with any of them!
by johntphx May 15, 2011
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