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Sleeping in until at least midday in the knowledge that you have a long wild night ahead of you.
Astrid- I have to go to Frank's party saturday night and get up for work the next day. fail!

George- Just get plenty of sleep credit on saturday and you'll be fine
by unico2525 June 23, 2011
The false belief that you can somehow "pay yourself forward" for an upcoming real or potential lack of sleep.
"Won't you be tired staying up all night?"

"Naw, I slept in till the crack of noon. I got sleep credit"

"Sleep credit? Man, that's not real! Sleep isn't an iTunes gift card. You can't save up extra sleep and cash it in at a later date"

"yeah huh I can"

"You're stupid, sleep for 16 hours straight and then stay up for 48 hours in a row and let me know how that sleep credit works out for you."
by bigcatdaddy June 04, 2015

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